Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Needs People To Look After Their Puppies For A Year


Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Needs People To Look After Their Puppies For A Year

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is giving people the opportunity to look after a puppy without the long-term commitment.

The organisation needs people to look after their puppies for a year before they go into training to become guide dogs.

While it sounds like a lot of fun, it's not going to be all fun and games for the 12 months.

You'll have to make sure the dog is socialised so that it has the best possible chance of interacting with everyone and anyone.


People who get the puppy will also have to teach it basic commands like sit, stay and general obedience. There will also be group training sessions held during the year that you'll be required to attend to make sure the dog is staying on track.

There could also be an additional three months of puppy-sitting depending on the dog.

See Eye Dogs Australia requires people to have a secure yard, but it will also have to be allowed inside to prevent it being affected by the elements or any predators.


The company is currently looking for people in Victoria and Queensland to take part in this latest round of puppy caring.

In the southern state, they're scouting for residents in East of Melbourne to the Yarra Ranges (anywhere south of the eastern freeway); South East of Melbourne to Portsea (anywhere south of the eastern freeway); Kensington, Flemington, North Melbourne, Ascot Vale, West Melbourne; and Bendigo region and surrounding suburbs.

While in the Sunshine state, they're needing carers from the Sunshine Coast region and surrounding suburbs, as well as the North Brisbane region and surrounding suburbs.

You can apply here. You're still able to put your name down on the register if you live outside these places and the company will get in touch when they become available.


If you want all the thrill of looking after a puppy but without the long-term commitment.

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