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Streamer IShowSpeed Screams For Help After Setting Off Pokemon Firework In His Bedroom

Streamer IShowSpeed Screams For Help After Setting Off Pokemon Firework In His Bedroom

The YouTube cried out for help when Pikachu's head lit up like the fourth of July.

The streamer known as IShowSpeed has gone viral on social media after he lit up a Pokémon firework inside his bedroom.

Look, most people will be aware that you shouldn't have explosives go off inside, however it certainly looked like Speed vastly underestimated what this particular firework would do.

He live-streamed the moment where Pikachu's head slowly starts to burn, which caused Speed to send out panicked screams for help.

But the firework was just getting started.

As the sparks flew from the top of the firework, Speed jumped around his bedroom and called for his mum to sort out the situation.

Then sparks started flying out of Pikachu's arms and legs and was just about to start twirling on the spot for its big finale when Speed knocked it to the ground.

The comments were flying in thick and fast in the top right-hand corner of the live stream as many of the viewers were shocked at what they were seeing.

His mum sounded pretty angry when she eventually came in and surveyed the damage that had been done.

Speed kept saying he had no idea Pikachu would be this intense as smoke filled his bedroom.

YouTuber KSI wrote on Twitter: "Speed is different omg. Hope him and his mum are ok."

A person added: "His mum's voice had so much pain in it, hope they all good."

Later in the stream you can see firefighters enter the bedroom to have a proper look at the damage.

The fire alarm was still going off, which isn't all that surprising considering how much smoke was still in the room.

Let this be a lesson not to let off fireworks inside; especially not your bedroom.

Featured Image Credit: IShowSpeed/YouTube

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