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The Chaser Tried To Deliver A Sackful Of Coal To Scott Morrison Because He 'Loves' It

The Chaser Tried To Deliver A Sackful Of Coal To Scott Morrison Because He 'Loves' It

The Prime Minister has previously displayed his liking of the black rock and the comedy group wanted to give him exactly what he enjoys.

The Chaser has taken aim at Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison once again by delivering him a sack of his favourite fossil fuel to his electoral office.

After dropping their chart-topping track 'Coal Makes Me C*m' featuring the Aussie PM, you'd think The Chaser boys might be kicking back to watch the hilarity (and royalties) roll in. And you'd be wrong.

The LADs over at The Chaser aren't the type to rest on their laurels, so they toddled down to the Cook electorate with a gift in hand: a bag of coal.

What could be more thrilling (or titillating) than a fresh sack of coal after their song outlined Morrison's affinity for the black stuff?

Alas, it turned out Morrison's electoral office staff did not share the same enthusiasm as The Chaser lads (or the PM, for that matter).

The Chaser employee was asked to leave pretty much right away, but he was able to leave the sack of coal at the office.

Maybe the Prime Minister will receive their gift after all.

The Chaser made headlines earlier in the week after remixing the Leaders' Debate into a song.

That track, the aforementioned 'Coal Makes Me C*m', is now sitting at number one on the iTunes charts.

The incredibly NSFW track is a deep-fake mash-up of words Morrison actually said, spliced together to sound like the Australian Prime Minister is thumbing his nose at voters - particularly those who have lost their homes in bushfires and floods.

"F**k you and your family [and] the essential services you rely on," Morrison's edited voice says on the track.

"F**k you other c***s facing floods and bushfires.

Then, referring to his infamous Hawaii holiday during the Australian bushfire crisis, the fake Morrison sings: "When disaster strikes I’m ready to go on vacation."

Then there's the chorus, which has a rather icky take on Morrison's affinity for fossil fuels.

"Coal makes me hard. Coal makes me c*m," fake Morrison sings. "My d***k is always hard and it’s only getting harder.”

The Chaser is now vying to get their diss-track to the top of other Aussie music charts in the hopes that it will force radio stations to play it live on air.

It also goes without saying that Scott Morrison never said any of the sentences in the song.

Despite that, the absolute banger is sure to crop up just about everywhere as the May 21 election edges closer.

Featured Image Credit: The Chaser/Twitter.

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