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TikTokker Reveals Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Play Jenga With A Monkey

Jayden Collins

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TikTokker Reveals Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Play Jenga With A Monkey

One TikTokker has attempted to play Jenga with a monkey, and it’s gone exactly how you would expect it to. 

The user, @yuriatomoki posted the video which has been viewed more than 4 million times, where he is showing the monkey how to play the game of physical skill.

As the TikTokker, named Yuria, takes his turn and places his block on top of the tower, it seems the monkey, named Riku, is waiting patiently for its turn. 

When it comes to the monkey’s turn, it initially feels like it may actually be getting prepped and concentrated on participating.


It winds up its hand before slapping the blocks into its mate’s face. 

It's a no-look slap as well, the absolute disrespect. 

The video has left TikTok users in hysterics.


One commented: “The funniest thing you’ll watch today.”

Another said: “He was so concentrated!! I thought he was going to make a master move LMAO!”

While users also seemed as fooled by the monkey’s apparent concentration as its friend was.

One said: “Why did I think he would actually play?”


And another commented: “Never let them know your next move.”

Jenga is a frustrating enough game as it is, I can’t imagine a monkey trying to keep calm and dislodge a wooden piece while keeping steady and calm. 

The video was shared on Reddit, where users had similar reactions to the absolute lad of a monkey. 


One Reddit user commented: “Bro even charged up the slap.”

Another said: “I WIN B***H - The monkey probably.”

Yuri documents his attempts at teaching Riku various human activities ranging from reading a newspaper, ordering from a vending machine, and unsuccessfully making beans and rice. 


It seems Riku has a history of being disruptive and a thorn in Yuria’s side.

One video shows Yuria attempting to set up a row of dominoes, and stressfully asking Riku to get away from his blocks, to which Riku does oblige.

However, channelling his inner Cristiano Ronaldo, Riku comes back and the blocks down to Yuria’s dismay. 

Despite their quarrelling, they make for a pretty good duo. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yuriatomoki

Topics: TikTok, Social Media, Good News

Jayden Collins
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