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Ukraine Forces Destroy Convoy Of Russian Military Vehicles After Booby-Trapping Bridge

Ukraine Forces Destroy Convoy Of Russian Military Vehicles After Booby-Trapping Bridge

The fleet was on their way to a key strategic city in Ukraine, but were stopped in their tracks with a perfectly executed plan.

Ukrainian forces have destroyed a convoy of Russian military vehicles after booby-trapping a bridge.

The fleet of vehicles was heading along a main route from Kharkiv to Izyum.

Once Ukraine became aware of where the convoy was heading, Ukrainian special forces leapt ahead of them and set up a cunning plan.

They planted bombs underneath a key bridge and along the road. The explosives were detonated once the vehicles were directly above and the plan was executed perfectly.

Ukrainian troops pounced on the area following the detonation to neutralise the Russian soldiers inside the convoy.

The charred remains of twisted metal is now all that remains at the site.

General Staff of the Armed Forces Of Ukraine

According to the Daily Mail, the Ukrainian Ground Forces said in a statement: "Our soldiers discovered Russian Kamaz trucks, Tiger and Ural armoured vehicles moving to strengthen their group in the Kharkiv region.

"Having established the route of the enemy convoy, SSO operators designated a bridge in the way of the enemy vehicles as the most suitable location to conduct an ambush. 

"Having calculated the best location and the required amount of explosives, the charges were planted and blown up, destroying the entire convoy.

"Our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) confirmed the targets were destroyed, after which members of the army moved into complete the operation."

A series of pictures has been released showing the aftermath of the attack and it proves the Ukrainian military is a force to be reckoned with.

The MailOnline reports how Izyum is set to be a key battleground in the next stage of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The city lies just 25 miles from the Donbas region, which has been a huge focus of the Kremlin's attention considering it lies close to the border between the two countries.

It includes the besieged city of Mariupol, which has sustained heavy damage and thousands of deaths since the Russian invasion began in late February.

Russian soldiers have been withdrawing from places in and around the capital Kyiv in recent weeks and experts believe they are being redirected to places like Izyum.

General Sir Richard Barrons, a former British military chief, told The Times that Russians 'will try to put more ground forces in the face of the Ukrainians at once to get the force ratios right, knowing the Ukrainians in the east are in very well-prepared positions'.

There are fears Russian forces could outnumber Ukrainian troops five to one if they regroup properly.

Featured Image Credit: General Staff of the Armed Forces Of Ukraine

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