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Ukrainians Offer To Write Special Messages On Bombs They Drop Against Russia

Ukrainians Offer To Write Special Messages On Bombs They Drop Against Russia

A Ukrainian volunteer is painting messages on 152mm artillery shells in exchange for $40 donations.

A volunteer working on the frontlines of the Russia-Ukraine war is offering to write personalise messages on artillery shells that will be aimed at Russian Troops.

According to an ad posted on Telegram, the Ukrainian volunteer will paint messages on 152mm artillery shells in exchange for a $40 donation.

Those shells will then be aimed at 'orcs' - a derogatory term for Russian arms.

Telegram/Combat Footage

That's not the only offer on the table. The volunteer will also write a personalised message for two grenades for $70, with all profits going towards weapons for Ukrainian troops.

It states: “You can ask to write any text: wish someone a happy birthday/ death in pain, propose marriage, name, Instagram/ telegram username.”

The post also states that they will be accepting PayPal, Venmo, Revolut and bank account numbers for wire transfers. Following payment, customers will receive a photo of their signed grenade.

Vice reports that the volunteer behind the creative business venture is a 20-year-old Ukrainian IT student who was inspired to start the fundraiser after ‘scrolling Ukrainian channels and saw soldiers signing shells in revenge for their colleagues’.

The volunteer revealed to the outlet that the $11,000 they've raised has gone towards Starlink systems, a thermal sight, and a car to help ‘evacuate injured soldiers’ on the frontlines.

However, this is not the only unique way people have raised funds for Ukraine. 

Shortly after the Russian troops landed in the eastern European country, a Ukrainian brewery launched a dry-hopped golden ale called Putin Huilo, and the label translates to 'Putin is a d***head'.

According to one website, the Pravada Brewery created the beer ‘about the guilty person of this cruel war, having occupied the East of Ukraine and invaded Crimea; about his aggressive ambitions and Russian imperialism greed that threatens Europe and the whole world order, established after World War II'.

A LEGO company known as Citizen Brick also raised more than $16,000 with custom-made LEGO figurines of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Molotov cocktails.

They announced via Facebook that all profits would go towards Direct Relief, a leading humanitarian charity assisting doctors and nurses in helping vulnerable communities by adequately equipping them with medical resources.

They wrote: “In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, Citizen Brick has decided to raise donations to help Ukrainian refugees.

"During tomorrow's sale, shoppers will have a chance to purchase these two custom items—the Molotov Cocktail ($10), and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy minifig ($100). Supplies will be very limited.”

Featured Image Credit: Telegram/Combat Footage/artillery_text

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