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Doctor Explains How Covid-19 Can Affect Your Penis Size And Function

Doctor Explains How Covid-19 Can Affect Your Penis Size And Function

Dr Rena Malik says men are five times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction after battling the virus.

A doctor has spoken about how Covid-19 can shrink the penis and cause erectile dysfunction.

Look, we’re all aware of the post-Covid-19 side effects like fatigue and shortness of breath, but we rarely hear about its influence on the family jewels.

Urologist and pelvic surgeon Dr Rena Malik told that many men are experiencing erectile dysfunction after battling the virus.

“When you get Covid-19 it can affect the lining of the blood vessels and this can create difficulty in getting blood flow from one part of the body to the other,” she said.

“In fact, this can also affect blood flow to the penis.

"Getting Covid-19 makes you at a five times higher risk of erectile dysfunction.”

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Dr Malik also said that the loss of blood flow could result in shrinkage.

She said: “When you’re losing blood flow to the area over time this can cause shrinkage of the tissues itself, meaning that you might notice a decrease in penile length.”

Someone, please tell Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend this news.

Matt from Melbourne told ABC News that after getting the virus, he finds it hard to maintain an erection.

He said: "Sex for me prior to Covid was about 30 minutes minimum. Now it's like 10 minutes.

"It's made me feel less confident, as I'm sure it would to any guy or person in possession of a penis. Personally it hasn't affected how sex feels or anything, just my stamina.

"I haven't gone to a doctor about it. I'm riding the 'I hope it just fixes itself soon' train."

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So, if you’re suffering from Covid-19 d**k, you’re not alone.

It’s also been discovered that coronavirus lingers in the penis months after the infection, making it difficult to perform in the bedroom.

According to a study published in the World Journal of Men's Health, researchers looked at patients who had suffered blood vessel damage to the penis after being infected with Covid-19, leading to erectile dysfunction.

Researchers also compared these patients with two men the virus had never infected.

The study saw patients who had recovered from Covid-19 and did not show any chronic health problems still had coronavirus particles found in the penile tissue.

Senior researcher Dr Ranjith Ramasamy told WebMD: "I think this is probably not something men are discussing right now with all of the things that are going on.

"I'm fairly certain in the next six months to one year we will probably get a better sense of the true prevalence of erectile dysfunction among Covid-positive men."

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