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Woman Divides Opinion Over Her Humungous Meal During A Flight

Woman Divides Opinion Over Her Humungous Meal During A Flight

Some said the smell alone would be awful whereas others believed she should be left to eat in peace.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A woman has divided the internet over the humungous meal she brought onto her flight.

Depending on the airline you choose to fly with, you'll either be served breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack from the flight attendants, or you can buy food from the trolley.

If you're lucky, you could also be allowed to bring your own food to snack on during the flight.

Loads of people will chuck a pre-made sandwich, or some chips or maybe even a salad if they can fit it in their carry-on.

However, one woman has dialled it up a notch or 10 by bringing on an absolutely massive lobster seafood meal with her.


The woman boarded the Spirit Airlines flight and at one point during the journey, she pulled out two large cooking trays.

One was full of cooked lobsters while the other had prawns, crab legs and some vegetables.

To be honest, it looks unbelievably delicious and she's lucky the seat next to her was free because it would be very awkward trying to manage all that food.

A person onboard snapped a picture of the woman tucking into the meal and it's since been uploaded to Reddit.

The r/FlightAttendants group was asked what they would do if they had to serve this passenger and it was certainly an interesting debate.

Some people were pretty shocked at seeing that amount of food as well as the potential smell that would be erupting through the cabin from those trays.

One flight attendant said: "I love seafood but my first thoughts are damn that's a lot of lobsters I know they be crackin n snappin n slappin all over the place #2 the smell."

Another added: "1. The smell 2. Could this be dangerous to someone sitting near who is allergic? 3. It's just a bit rude to me 3. If they get turbulence that food is spilling everywhere 4. It's so much food I'd imagine they'd be eating the whole time aka their masks would be off 5. It's just messy, I can't imagine the greasy ness they'll leave behind."

But loads of people defended the passenger and said she's not breaking any rules so she should be allowed to eat in peace.

Many said they would just be hungry every time they passed her in the aisle.

Featured Image Credit: SabrinaTranThi/Reddit

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