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Learner sparks debate after trying to drive through red light

Learner sparks debate after trying to drive through red light

People are flocking to a video of a learner driving conflicted over whether they are fully to blame.

People are flocking to a video of a learner driver, conflicted over whether they are fully to blame. Prepare to feel the learner's pain:

Road signs, lights, sat navs - there's a lot to try and pay attention to and follow particularly when you're a learner driver.

I failed my driving test first time around over following a speed limit on the sat nav opposed to a sign up ahead. But was it fully my fault given the fact I asked my examiner if I should follow the sat nav or sign and they told me sat nav?

One learner had a similar struggle and their driving instructor recorded the incident, posting the footage to TikTok to share the 'serious driving fault response to traffic signals' when they came across not just one, but two sets of traffic lights.

The learner is faced with two sets of traffic lights.
TikTok/ DGN Driving

The instructor explains: "We have two sets of lights here. One set for traffic going straight ahead and another set for traffic that's turning right.

"The light turns green for anyone going straight ahead, but our traffic light is still red.

"[The learner] starts to move off as soon as she sees the green arrow, so I have to stop her."

The driving instructor ends up having to stop the learner.
TikTok/ DGN Driving

People have been left divided over whether or not the learner driver is fully to blame for thinking she was allowed to go.

Many sympathised with the learner and her confusion over the two sets of lights.

One wrote: "It's really easy to make mistakes and forget when you're nervous don't forget that."

"The light is confusing, three lanes and the far right has the arrow going forward. Anyone would think that's confusing," another added.

A third said: "Oh snap... that sure is confusing for somebody that's never been on these roads."

Social media users are divided over how much the learner is to blame.
TikTok/ DGN Driving

However, others were harsher on the learner - not helped by the fact the video also gives away the learner has racked up a fairly hefty 22 driving faults and 20 'serious faults'.

A user said: "I'm 16 and I understand how traffic lights work."

"I wouldn't say it's silly. Just a mistake that shouldn't be made," a second commented.

Another wrote: "Straight ahead green arrow, learner turning right... I mean it's not difficult to follow, especially if she has done things like this before."

A final resolved: "IMO the lights are not confusing. But no hate for her, she's a learner and mistakes happen. That's why we take lessons."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dgndriving

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