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Woman nearly whacked in face by own gazebo as wind causes havoc at Leeds Festival

Woman nearly whacked in face by own gazebo as wind causes havoc at Leeds Festival

The TikTok has since gone viral

Viral footage has shown a woman inches away from being whacked in the face by her own gazebo at Leeds Festival. Watch below as the wind causes absolute havoc:

The scene is set, warm weather, chilled vibes, good mates, what can possibly go wrong?

Well, if you live in the UK you know how random the weather can be and the wind, all of sudden, decided to pick up.

As shown in the clip above, a poor woman's gazebo, quite literally, lifts off the ground and flys up uncontrollably into the air.


Swirling around like some sort of tornado, the green tent circles the group of mates who look to be absolutely terrified.

As the flying gazebo looks to be drifting one way, it rapidly swings back in the direction of the festival-goer, who almost gets whacked in the face as a result.

Thankfully her Matrix-level reactions allow her to dodge the gazebo-shaped bullet and it looks like no one was harmed.


As you might imagine, the clip, uploaded by Imogen King, has since gone viral and viewers are shocked by how 'sneaky' the gazebo was.

One person commented: "That could poke someone's eye out."

"The way it violently swooped back towards you," a second added.

Another wrote: "My toxic trait is i think i could have caught it when it came back."

"Bro came back for a sneak attack," a fourth added.

Someone else said: "Thats not a gazebo it's a boomerang."


Many were also questioning why the group didn't appear to use the 'strange metal hook things in the box' to stop it from saying away.

One commented: "Ah, yes. Let's not peg our potential hazard down to the ground and put everyone else at risk."

"That’s why you peg it to the ground," another person said.

"Why didn’t you tie it down then?!" someone else thought.

From off stage to on stage, rapper Dave made history as he became Leeds Festival's youngest ever headliner on Saturday, aged 24.

Speaking on diversifying the line-up, festival organiser Melvin Benn said: "Festivals are a reflection of what people are choosing to watch.

"As it happens, this year [Friday's co-headliner] Halsey was available and Megan Thee Stallion was available and they both wanted to play.

"Her show is exactly what the Reading and Leeds audience want and I was pleased and surprised that she wanted to do it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@imogen_king0

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