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Utter Legend Completes Mission To Cop A Snag At Every Bunnings Sausage Sizzle In Australia

Utter Legend Completes Mission To Cop A Snag At Every Bunnings Sausage Sizzle In Australia

Josh Eastwell has opened up about the grand adventure and revealed which Bunnings has the best snag.

Only once in a generation comes a story of a quest so epic that it enthralls the nation. This is one of those moments.

Deadset legend Josh Eastwell has finally completed the monster task he set for himself: to sample every Bunnings sausage sizzle in Australia.

Kicking off his tour back in 2020, the YouTuber told LADbible that he wanted to be listed 'among the greats; a pioneer of exploration in the modern era; the 2020 Robert O'Hara Burke and William Wills'.

Well, folks, he's one upped Burke and Wills by not dying mid-quest.

He has finally completed his epic lap of the Great Southern Land by ticking off the final Bunnings on his list.

Eastwell gave a shoutout to his friends and family who took the time and effort 'to jump in the car and film [him] eat sausages'.

"To finish the Great Australian Sausage Crawl is incredibly fulfilling,' he told LADbible Australia.

"Whilst a ridiculous challenge I set for myself, I managed to see it though to the end.

"Even with all the obstacles 2020-2022 threw our way."

Covid-19 closures certainly threw up some barriers for the Great Australian Sausage Crawl.

Eastwell said it was supposed to be an eight-month road trip extravaganza, however lockdowns, border restrictions and everything else turned it into a two-year adventure.

"Lockdowns made it difficult, but not impossible," the snag connoisseur said.

"As soon as those WA borders opened we jumped straight in the ute and hightailed it across the Nullarbor to ensure we got a snag from every Bunnings."

He added it was a whopping 36 hour drive to get to the first Bunnings in Western Australia.

The WA leg of the crawl thew up some interesting, non-sausage related experiences.

"On the way back we made our first stop at Halls Creek... stopping in to see Wolfe Creek [Meteorite Crater]," Eastwell said.

Yes, it is exactly where you're thinking - where horror film Wolf Creek was set. It was here things turned sour for the snag-lovers.

"We were robbed," Eastwell said. "We woke up to our bags being cut open and our ute being robbed.

"With this in mind we were pretty keen to get home… so we see a short cut and this short cut would cut several hours off of our journey.

"Little did we know it was the Tanami Track; a track with no fuel stops for 12 hours with no real road and camels and cows to dodge."

He was lucky enough to get a beautiful party thrown in his honour when he was in the Northern Territory.

Crazy adventures aside, we of course asked the question on everybody's lips: where did he find the best snag?

"I did have a favourite in Seaford, South Australia, cooked by the team at Triple Z Radio," Eastwell said.

"They had an array of options ranging from beef, pork, chicken and several selections of bread."

And the worst?

Sadly for people living in Willetton, Western Australia, it looks like yours didn't hit the bare minimum.

"Old mate hadn’t cleaned his BBQ all day I reckon... absolute grub of a snag," Josh said.

Featured Image Credit: Josh Eastwell/GV Images/Alamy

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