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Lewis Hamilton says it was wrong to criticise his nephew for wearing a princess dress

Lewis Hamilton says it was wrong to criticise his nephew for wearing a princess dress

The F1 star said his actions were 'ignorant' and stemmed from growing up in an environment that encouraged toxic masculinity.

Lewis Hamilton has revealed it was wrong of him to criticise his nephew for wearing a princess dress.

The Formula One driver has learned some hard lessons about himself and toxic masculinity, and revealed to Vanity Fair how he is working to better himself.

The racing car driver found himself at the centre of a storm of social media backlash back in 2017 after he shared a controversial video on Christmas Day.

Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021.

In the video, the sports star could be heard telling his nephew off for wearing a pink dress.

"That was so stupid. I realised that a lot of my upbringing was coming out. I went with just an ignorant moment," Hamilton told Vanity Fair.

"I realised that was wrong.

"And so then finding ways of not necessarily undoing it, but showing that community that I support them."

Hamilton put his ignorance down to hardwired toxic masculinity that formed during his upbringing, where boys were afraid to be called a 'wuss'.

But the universe gave him a swift kick up the behind after the princess video, with many taking to social media to tell him to stick his toxic masculinity where the sun don't shine.

XPB Images Ltd/Alamy.

One social media user said at the time: "Lewis Hamilton’s recent post about his nephew is gross for a multitude of reasons ... the obvious toxic masculinity issue he has."

Another added: "Shame on Lewis Hamilton for using his toxic masculinity regarding his nephew wearing a princess dress."

Hamilton has since reflected on that moment, realising he was doing something similar to his nephew that racist bullies had done to him as a kid.

Now, the Formula One star is determined to unlearn his negative behaviours towards gender roles and masculinity.

"It's difficult in today's world. It's difficult to undo things," he told Vanity Fair.

So, in order to unlearn his toxic perceptions he decided to educate himself.

He posed in a kilt on the cover of British GQ.

He went to Disneyland Paris with his nephew and when he asked for a princess dress, the answer was simple.

"I was like, let’s go," Hamilton said,

The Formula One star then reflected: "What’s crazy is [that] you have to learn something [about life] from a six-year-old."

And, as this story started with social media it make sense that it should also end with social media.

Hamilton is so determined to do better that his Instagram page - where he shared the original 'princess dress' video - now reads: "Empowering those who may not realise their greatness. Equal Rights For All. Love Is Love."

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Alamy. Lewis Hamilton/Instagram.

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