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Little girl hilariously gives postman way too much information when asked where mum is

Little girl hilariously gives postman way too much information when asked where mum is

A postman got a hilarious response after asking a little girl where her mum was

Video footage captured on the door of a family home shows a hilarious exchange between a three-year-old and a postman. Honestly, it's worth checking out:

Young kids have a bit of a reputation for brutal honesty, and often to incredibly comedic ends, but also sometimes at the expense of parents.

This was very much the case for Lauren Chloe Edney, a 24-year-old mum in Surrey, who learnt in an unexpected way just how well she had taught her kids to be honest.

One morning, a postman made a visit to Lauren's house with some letters and parcels.

As Lauren was already occupied, her two kids, James (four) and Emily made their way to the door in her place.

Looking for an adult to drop the post off to, the postman asked the kids: “Where’s Mummy?”

After asking again, the postie got more than he bargained for with a bit TMI, but also amusing, reply.

The postman was making a delivery to Lauren's home.

He asked: “Is Mummy about?”

To which three-year-old Emily candidly replied: “No, she’s upstairs doing a poo.”

Quickly, he replied with: “Ohh! Tell her there’s a parcel in the cupboard,” before darting off.

Lauren, the children’s mother, took it all in good spirits, though.

Talking to Newsflash, she said: “I have two children, the first one heard on the video is my son James who is four years old and the one with the punchline at the end of the video was my daughter Emily who is three years old."

Lauren also confirmed Emily's honesty, as she said: “It was a true statement, I was upstairs using the toilet”.

She also assured viewers the front door was locked and her kids were safe.

Perhaps even more comically, Lauren, who’s a mechanic by trade, said she was watching the doorbell live "as all of this was going on”. We can just imagine the horror the moment she realised what Emily was about to say.

Unsurprisingly, the video went down a treat with internet users, as it gained traction quickly and others took to the comments to share the humorous moment.

Screenshot from the postman on duty, who got more information than he bargained for.

Other post officers shared their experiences on the job, too, adding that these kinds of moments happen pretty regularly in the postie community.

Lauren expanded: “I had quite a few comments from other posties, too, saying they've definitely seen and heard worse but this one was a classic."

While Lauren took the comical moment in her stride, and is pleased her kids aren't afraid to be honest, she said she's since had some words with her children on bathroom talk. 

She said: “Although I pride myself in the honesty of my children and have clearly done a great job teaching them not to lie, I have now taught them that bathroom 'functions' stay in the bathroom."

While this moment may have been a drop in the ocean for a postman always on the go, we bet for Lauren it’s a hilarious anecdote she'll never forget.

Featured Image Credit: @edderz123/Newsflash

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