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Woman horrified at what was left under sofas when she moved them to new house

Woman horrified at what was left under sofas when she moved them to new house

This picture demonstrates the hilarious reality of being a parent

Peep Show star Isy Suttie is a busy woman – between being a mum to two kids and a touring comedian, everyday things like housework can get a little tricky.

But even so, the 44-year-old was left horrified by what she discovered underneath her sofas during a recent clean out.

Taking to Twitter, Isy shared a picture demonstrating the hilarious reality of being a parent.

There's enough to fill out a boot sale stand under there.

As you'll see, everything from dolls and DVDs to letters and stationery had been living underneath their family couches for years.

Alongside the pic, she wrote: "If anyone wants to feel better about your life, this is what was under our sofas when we moved them into the new house."

It didn't take long for the online community to pick apart the photo, with many focusing on the copy of the 1982 comedy hit Police Squad!

Sharing a close-up of the DVD, one person wrote: "Bloody hell, how long has it been since you checked under the sofa? 1995?"

While it hasn't been quite this long, Isy - who is currently preparing to set out on her Jackpot UK Tour in September 2022 - told LADbible that it's taken a fair amount of time for the mess to accumulate.

In a truly relatable admission, she said: "The sofas have been there for eight years and we have never moved or cleaned under them."

As for the worst thing she found down under, Isy continued: "The two mouldy satsumas were the worst things.

"The thing that everyone is talking about is the Police Squad! DVD so at least I look slightly cool. It could so easily have been Frozen."

Also very relatable.

Many commenters focused on the purple-haired doll too, including one who said: "And I’m wondering how do you NOT look under the couch when your child loses a doll? Or did they just have a spare ready to go?"

Isy addressed the toy, saying that it was the most 'emotionally valuable thing under there'.

She added: "I really didn’t expect the three items of clothing and daren't get them out of the carrier bag they got put in."

Then there's the obligatory wooden train track piece, with one writing: "If you don't have this train track under your furniture, are you even a parent?????"

Despite finding a haul big enough to fill out an entire boot sale stand, the comedian said: "I can genuinely say there is nothing that anyone noticed was missing.

"I think the main culprit is my three year old son who likes chucking stuff down the back. "Then it seems like it just gets sucked underneath like those arcade games with the two pence pieces.

"I’d like to say the same thing won’t happen in the new house but everyone should expect a similar photo in 20 years time."

We're looking forward to it.

Featured Image Credit: @Isysuttie/Twitter

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