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The Little-Known UK Waterfall With Crystal Clear Water You Can Visit In The Heatwave For Less Than £8

The Little-Known UK Waterfall With Crystal Clear Water You Can Visit In The Heatwave For Less Than £8

TikTok has revealed a hidden gem located in the UK which you can visit for under a tenner.

TikTok has revealed a hidden gem located in the UK which you can visit for just under a tenner during this ongoing heatwave. Catch a clip of the spot here:

The UK is on the brink of its first-ever level four heatwave, so what better reason than to search for a nice refreshing river to cool off in?

TikTok, once again, holds all the answers, such as where you can find a stunning waterfall that costs only £7.45 to visit.

Although the gem of a place may not be quite so 'hidden' anymore after being seen by one and all on the video sharing platform.

In its 13th post of 'Bucket list place[s] you need to visit' UK Hidden Gems has revealed the wonders of St Nectan's Glen, located in Trethevy near Tintagel, north Cornwall.

According to St Nectan's Glen's website, the waterfalls are 'indeed a miracle of nature'.

The description continues: "St Nectan’s kieve has been carved by the river Trevillet which weaves through the valley, creating one of the most stunning waterfalls of its kind. With its spectacular outlet from which water spills into a shallow pool of crystal clear water, before continuing its way to the glen below, it’s truly mesmerising.

"Mosses, fern and grasses adorn the fall, fringing every rock with a native drapery of the most exquisite beauty."

As if one beautiful waterfall wasn't enough, there's another located shortly after from the shallow pool 'at the feet of the kieve'.

"You might even be lucky enough to spot another, more secluded waterfall near which we have opened an eco-friendly walkway through the woods to explore beyond, allowing better access to this little gem which was previously unseen and not accessible by the public," the website adds.

Although, the website notes the waterfall may appear a 'little lessened' in periods of drier weather.

"However this should in no way deter you from exploring and appreciating the charm and wonder these grounds have to offer," it says.

The TikTok video of the 'hidden gem' has amassed over three million views, 200,000 likes and thousands of comments, with users having flooded to the post to give their views on the waterfall location.

St Nectan's Glen in Cornwall is well and truly one of the UK's hidden gems.

Many reflected that the area is indeed 'stunning,' but noted it tends to 'always be rammed'.

"Just to keep it realistic- you have to go early morning to avoid crowds, you can buy the crystals in their shop (you won’t just find them lying around)," one user said.

Another detailed how the spot is where they got engaged and a third commented they're planning on getting married there in September.

However, great beauty comes at a price as you have to pay an admission fee to visit the waterfalls at St Nectan's Glen.

Tickets don't need to be pre-booked, you can visit the cafe or gift shop to buy one on the day and children under five years old go free.

The price for an adult ticket is £7.45 and children between the ages of 5-15 cost £4.95 each. There are concession tickets as well as student and family deals too.

St Nectan's Glen reflected how the waterfall location is 'one of the wildest, most unspoilt and beautiful places on Earth, poetic and coloured by legend'.

It concluded: "These waters are reputed to have healing qualities and are watched over by the spirits of past guardians and friends of the Glen.

"Please be mindful of others and their experience when visiting us, and respect the peaceful nature of the site."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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