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What Is Liz Truss' Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Liz Truss' Net Worth In 2022?

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is one of the many candidates running to replace Boris Johnson as PM, but what is her current net worth?

With Boris Johnson announcing his resignation just last week, senior politicians have been quick to announce their bid to succeed the Prime Minister. 

Amongst those who have thrown their name into the ring to replace BoJo following his resignation is Elizabeth Truss. 

Truss has been climbing the greasy pole of politics since 2010 and is the current Foreign Secretary. 

For months, many have speculated her ambitions for the top job. Upon announcing her candidacy she stated her aims to cut corporation tax and reverse the National Insurance rise. 

Truss’ history in politics is relatively conventional and akin to most senior conservative politicians. 

Like many of those before her she read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Merton College, Oxford. 

It was here that she developed a love of politics and soon became heavily involved in student politics as the President of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats society.

Yet, Truss refrained from immediately entering politics, instead working at Shell as a qualified accountant. 

She began her political career as a councillor for the London Borough of Greenwich prior to running as Conservative MP for Hemsworth in 2011. 

Invariably, politics is more concerned with power than it is about money. Regardless, it still begs the question: what is Liz Truss’ net worth?

What Is Liz Truss' Net Worth?

Reports are limited but suggest that Liz Truss is worth $1-$5M USD, according to Hollywood Bios.

It’s difficult to provide a fixed net worth figure, but here’s what we do know. 

The average salary for an MP is £84,144 with senior politicians expected to enjoy an additional salary above the base rate, along with certain other perks of the job

Given that Truss began her ministerial duties in 2012, had a lucrative commercial career at Shell and has authored several books, it’s likely that Truss has racked up a tidy sum and a comfortable net worth.

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