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What Is Sticky Vicky’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Sticky Vicky’s Net Worth In 2022?

Sticky Vicky became one of Spain's top performers.

Sticky Vicky, now aged 78, was a legendary Benidorm performer who entertained millions of tourists with her X-Rated magic show, before announcing her retirement in 2016.

She also appeared on the hit ITV show Benidorm, where she was an honorary guest at the opening of Mel’s Mobility Shop.

Vicky Leyton, better known around the world as Sticky Vicky, would perform her ‘adult magic’ show six times every single night in Spain’s party capital.

According to Spanish newspaper El Pais the unusual dance act was seen by more than six million tourists before she retired aged 72, after being diagnosed with cancer.

Her act normally lasted around 30 minutes, and it would involve her pulling flowers, bunting and other objects from inside her body.

Many a tourist would watch in awe as she also pulled out a whole host of other items out too, including ping-pong balls, eggs, handkerchiefs, sausages and much more.

Sticky Vicky is currently enjoying her well-earned retirement, but after a bizarre yet undeniably successful career, what is her net worth in 2022?

Sticky Vicky Net Worth 2022:

According to the website celebritywiki, Sticky Vicky has an estimated net worth of around £3.5 million - a seriously impressive yet unsurprising figure, considering she was one of the most famous acts in Spain.

Sticky Vicky would perform up to six shows per night, six days a week and worked for more than 35 years - so it's perhaps no shock she's managed to earn this amount of money.

A trained ballet dancer, Vicky invented her X-rated show after a magician friend taught her tricks after the death of former dictator Francisco Franco and the easing of sexual censorship.

Vicky premiered her show in Barcelona cabarets and found great success performing in northern Spain and other theatres abroad.

Featured Image Credit: Sticky Vicky

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