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Loads Of Australians Turn Out To Vote In Their Pants For A Bizarre Reason

Loads Of Australians Turn Out To Vote In Their Pants For A Bizarre Reason

The Australian public turned out in their hundreds to exercise their democratic right in their pants

A load of Australians turned out to make their political voices heard by voting wearing only their pants.

Of course, it’s no secret that the good people of Australia love a pair of budgie smugglers, and – perhaps even more – a bit of bizarre humour.

So, when a company put out a call offering a free pair of pants to anyone who turned out to vote wearing only their undies, hundreds answered the call and shared their results on social media.

Voting, whilst it is important, can definitely be a bit boring and glum, so it’s great that they managed to find a way to inject a bit of fun into an otherwise fairly procedural event.


The call came from Aussie swimwear brand Budgy Smuggler, who offered out a free pair of their stock to anyone who agreed to ‘exercise their constitutional right to vote without pants on’.

To be fair, there’s nothing in the constitution that says you have to wear trousers to cast your vote.

In order to claim the free pair, voters just had to turn up in their skivvies and then share a photograph afterwards using the hashtag #SmugglersDecide.

When all was said and done, the response was pretty overwhelming for the company.

Budgy Smuggler owner Adam Linforth told “We thought maybe one or two would do it … hundreds have turned out.

“It’s going to be an expensive day for Budgy Smuggler.”

Still, it’s worth it for a laugh, isn’t it?

It’s worth remembering that this turnout is even more impressive because it’s currently winter over in Australia, and the weather hasn’t exactly been brilliant of late.

Wandering around in your pants during a rainstorm isn’t a whole heap of fun, so let’s hope many wore their swimming trunks instead.


The company has now confirmed that everyone who participated will start receiving their vouchers after they start sending them out on Monday.

In the end, Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded defeat meaning that Labor candidate Anthony Albanese will be sworn in as Prime Minister, his party’s first election win since 2007.

Conceding, Morrison said: “I believe it’s very important that this country has certainty. I think it’s very important this country can move forward,

“And particularly over the course of this week with the important meetings that are being held, I think it’s vitally important there’s a very clear understanding about the government of this country.”

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