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Lorry crash leaves motorway scattered with dildos and lube

Lorry crash leaves motorway scattered with dildos and lube

Thankfully there were no injuries, other than a spot of embarrassment...

A lorry crash in the US made for some awkward reporting as it appeared to leave the motorway scattered with x-rated goods. Check it out:

Thankfully no one was injured in the crash, which unfolded on a highway near Oklahoma City on Wednesday, 14 September.

But perhaps the driver suffered a spot of embarrassment when his truck tipped what looked like dildos and lubricant all over the road.

Reporters at KWTV's News 9 commented on the situation as their camera crew closed in on the aftermath.

In the news segment, the station's helicopter pilot Jim Gardner can be heard saying: "There's a semi that overturned and lost its load here."

He went on to describe how the collision, which occurred on the I-40, also involved a box truck that was being transported away.

At the time, the Mustang Road on-ramp had been completely shutdown as authorities dealt with the emergency.

When talks turned to the cargo, Jim said, "There is a lot of stuff to clean up," before morning anchor Lacey Lowery asked, "Jim, can you tell what he's carrying there, what's all over the road?"

The camera then closed in on the goods and after an awkward pause, the pilot said, "Not really, maybe you can tell. I can't tell."

Well, the viewers at home certainly could tell, with the close-up shots appearing to show dozens of bottles of lube and boxes of sex toys.

Viewers were quick to pick up on the fact that the cargo appears to be sex toys and lube.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, The Lost Ogle, which covers Oklahoma City news, wrote: "Uhm… it looks like this wrecked semi spilled a load of dildos and lube all over I-40! Great camera work, @news9!"

A writer for the digital publication added: "We haven’t received official confirmation of what cargo the truck was carrying.

"But A) That sure looks like a bunch of vibrator boxes and tubes of lube scatter over the highway, and B) The accident did occur near a major adult-product-focused distribution hub near I-40 and Morgan Rd.

"So if your vibrator of the month shipment is delayed, that may explain why."

Plenty of people have shared their pun-filled thoughts on the incident, with one writing: "Wrecked semi blows its load all over major artery I-40!"

"I wonder if any sections of Oklahoma's penal code were violated," quipped another, while a third added, "I drive this intersection almost every day. Who knew I was at such a hotbed of adult commerce?"

And just in case you hadn't had your fill, so to speak, of innuendoes, here's one person's response to someone asking what mile marker the incident happened on: "I read it was mile marker 69, man."

Yep, that's enough internet for today.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@NEWS9

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