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Make sure you have trusty mints by your side as the nation’s biggest festivals kick off this summer

Make sure you have trusty mints by your side as the nation’s biggest festivals kick off this summer

Eclipse Mints are an absolute essential to feel your freshest while creating memorable experiences and moments of connection.

It’s official; summer is finally upon us, which means music festival season is too.

However, something we need to discuss is personal care at festivals, and what better way to feel your freshest than with a tin of Eclipse ® Mints on standby?

Let’s face it, summer music festivals are the pinnacle of unexpected moments of connections and joy, cultivating friendships for life.

But aside from sneaking into the glamping tent showers or packing some baby wipes, too many often forget to have a tin of mints within reach.

This is an absolute essential during your festival camping experience, and it's also a neat way to make some friends too.

John Gurskey / Alamy Stock Photo

Mints are the ultimate conversation starter on the dance floor, as when festival-goers hear the rattle of the Eclipse tin, they’ll soon start appearing by the bucket tonne.

And there’s also a few situations you’ll want to make sure your breath smells minty fresh; allow us to elaborate.

I mean, brushing shoulders with your crush is an obvious one.

Let’s say you guys are vibing out, indulging in your favourite music while trying to coordinate set list schedules.

You’re bonding over some horror festival toilet stories while you get each other’s obscure pop culture references.

It’s honestly love at first mosh - the absolute peak of your music festival experience thus far.

But the last thing you want is a bad case of coffee breath to ruin your chances.

Pop one of these bad boys, and you’ll instantly feel fresh, with Eclipse Mints providing a lingering cool flavour.

eclipse mints

But what about all those moments when you’re meeting people for the very first time while creating a lifetime of memories?

From bonding with strangers as you queue up for the exhausting line at the Kebab truck at 10 pm to complimenting festival go-ers outfits to laughing at each other’s doof sticks, making a lasting impression counts.

This is your chance to embrace your inner social butterfly as you embark on what is truly a playground for adults.

And let’s face it, when you’re camping for days on end, your hair has become one dread, you’ve got a mud tan and a serious case of swamp a**se, packing mints is one of the easiest ways to stay fresh.

So whether you’re heading to Beyond the Valley, Let Them Eat Cake, Sun Cycle, Falls, Lost Paradise, Laneway Festival, St Kilda Festival or Woodford Folk Festival, be sure to bring a tin of Eclipse wherever you go this summer.

Featured Image Credit: Eclipse Mints. Rob Ball / Alamy Stock Photo

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