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Make sure you snag yourself a pair of these 100% Australia-made thongs this summer

Make sure you snag yourself a pair of these 100% Australia-made thongs this summer

Thongs Australia has created a series of one-off custom pairs of thongs that have immortalised the nation's most iconic mullets.

Thongs Australia have collaborated with some of Australia’s most iconic brands including Vegemite, Victoria Bitter and another soon to be announced. But it’s their most recent customisation project, which had us thinking ‘is there anything more Australian?’

They’ve created a series of one-off custom pairs to immortalise some of Australia’s most epic follicle flows on 100 per cent Australian Made thongs.

Drapes, Smithy, Browny and Papi are among the Aussie icons they’ve created these unique designs for. Pretty sick stuff from an all-Australian Made brand guaranteed to set you apart from the rest of the pack.


Launched in 2017, Thongs Australia has already become one of the nation’s most trusted brands creating high-quality thongs for tens of thousands of customers.

Tired of replacing their thongs multiple times each summer, the motivation behind the brand was to create a more durable and longer lasting pair of thongs that would stand up to the Aussie summer over and over again.

Guided by their mantra ‘quality over quantity', Thongs Australia believes that consuming less is one of the best approaches to sustainability. This has also caught the eye of The Iconic who are set to launch the brand on their site in time for summer.


Thongs Australia are also the only 100 per cent Australian-made thongs available, with design, manufacturing and assembly work all taking place in Melbourne.

While the business launched with a single colour, Classic Black, their range now includes five additional colours, all inspired by the unique Australian landscape as well as their best selling yellow and gold design for the most passionate of Aussie thongs wearers.

They have also recently developed an ability to create custom collections for all. From iconic brands to grassroots community clubs, you can custom print your branding on their smooth matte straps in multiple colours.


Whether you’re heading to coffee with friends, running some errands or attending an all-day beach party, these kicks are your best hot weather companion, as they can tackle even the harshest of conditions while being super practical.

Considering every little detail from fit, comfort, form, style and performance, these bad boys are sure to last you a while, guaranteeing they are more than just a summer fling.

Make sure you head to the Thongs Australia website a chance to score a pair of customised thongs fashioning an incredible mo. What could be more Aussie than that?

Featured Image Credit: Supplied.

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