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Male-only barber shop wants to ban women from entering to provide a 'sanctuary' for men

Male-only barber shop wants to ban women from entering to provide a 'sanctuary' for men

Robbie's Chop has even applied for an exemption from the Equal Opportunity Act.

An Adelaide barbershop wants to permanently ban women from its venue.

Robbie’s Chop Shop is desperate to keep its barbershop a sole man cave despite numerous complaints received.

The barbershop revealed it applied for an exemption from the Equal Opportunity Act, saying it prides itself as the ‘last male sanctuary’.

The purpose of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 is to promote equality of opportunity for all South Australians.

The act aims to prevent discrimination against people and gives them a fair chance to participate in economic and community life.

Seems pretty important, right?

Well, in their letter, posted to Instagram, Robbie’s Chop Shop states: “A complaint has recently been made to Equal Opportunity SA about Robbie's Chop Shop and its request that women observe our status as 'the last male sanctuary'.

"Whilst we feel that this complaint is misconceived, we are doing our best to resolve the situation in a respectful and understanding manner to the satisfaction of all involved.”

The letter added that this wasn’t the first time it had received a complaint like this.

"To be clear, we do not feel that we are currently in breach of the Act, but if we are able to obtain an exemption, it means that we will no longer have to divert significant resources away from doing what we love — barbering whilst providing a safe space for men to come together and discuss their issues — in order to deal with the complaints,” it concluded.

The letter left many fuming, as one user wrote in part: "Reading these comments and seeing what this page posts, I don't understand how this barbershop is anything but a refuge to be an a**hole.”

Another said: “Men will literally ask for exemptions to the Equal Opportunity Act instead of just going to therapy.”

A third commented: “More like Robbie's Mojo Dojo Casa House.”

While another defended the application: “What a joke!!! We are entitled to women's only gyms. Why shouldn't you be entitled to a men's only barber? If people don't like it. They don't have to come there. Simple!!”

Adelaide barrister and former chair of the Civil Liberties Council Claire O'Connor said that under the act, a business should be exempt for an important reason only.

And we have a feeling a 'lads only villa' isn't one of them.

"It might seem attractive to someone who maybe has traditionally been providing a service just to one gender...but on the face of it, our society said in 1984, almost 40 years ago, we're not doing that anymore, what we're doing is making sure our community is open,” she told ABC Radio.

LADbible has approached Robbie's Chop for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Robbie's Chop Shop

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