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Chilling moment man with balaclava and knife wanders into family's living room

Chilling moment man with balaclava and knife wanders into family's living room

CCTV footage shows the man wearing a black jacket and holding a large blade

A terrifying video has been shared showing a knifeman wandering through a family's home as the dad slept downstairs. Watch it below:

Jason Skilling, from Chadderton, Greater Manchester, was asleep in his armchair when a man wearing a balaclava broke in.

CCTV footage captured the moment the thief walks into the living room, wearing a black jacket and a mask, and holding a large blade.

The man is then seen walking around the living room, searching for something to take.

Jason's wife, Adelle, 56, was asleep upstairs at the time, and it's not thought that the burglar took anything.

Speaking about the shocking incident, Adelle's daughter Ashleigh said they couldn't believe what they were seeing when they watched the video back.

The man is seen holding a large knife.

She said: "My mum had checked the cameras that they have in the house to watch their pets while they are out.

"She had seen a guy walking around the front room with a massive knife, whilst my step-dad was asleep on the chair. 

"It is really scary, my mum is really upset by it. She keeps thinking, what if we did wake up."

The 33-year-old says the worrying encounter has led to them bolstering the security at their home.

"They are checking the cameras all the time and making sure everything is working," she said.

He searched the room for items to steal.

"When they lock up at night, my mum is making sure that everything is locked up when she goes to bed.

"My six-year-old son is terrified, he keeps mentioning it and calling the guy a serial killer, because he has a knife."

However, Ashleigh says she's just thankful her step-dad didn't wake up and that the thief didn't go upstairs, where her mum was sleeping.

She added: "My first thought when I saw the video was, what if Jason would have woken up.

"My mum doesn't sleep very well, so sometimes she goes downstairs at 3:00am and has a cup of tea.

"It's all so worrying knowing that that person was there.

Jason and Adelle were horrified when they watched the footage back.

"It is wild when you think that somebody has been in a house like that, so close to you."

Ashleigh is now urging others to make sure they lock up when they're going to bed, because you never know who's about.

"I'm sharing what has happened because it's hot, and I know so many people who leave their windows open, stay up late at night and then fall asleep on the sofa," the mum said.

"There is elderly people who get up at 3am sometimes and they will go out into the garden.

"It is so dangerous now, you are not safe in your own home." 

LADbible has contacted Greater Manchester Police for further information.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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