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Man buys huge billboard ad for psychic with no contact info as real medium will 'know where to apply'

Man buys huge billboard ad for psychic with no contact info as real medium will 'know where to apply'

People are scratching their heads at the cryptic ad

A mystery man has splashed the cash on a billboard ad with no contact info whatsoever - assuming that psychics will simply 'know where to apply'.

Whether the advert is a brilliant p*sstake or not remains to be seen, but what we do know is that the person from Manchester desperately wanted it to be seen.

The sign on Fairfield Street in the town centre reads: "Psychic Wanted," in bold white letters, and just below, it adds: "You know where to apply."

The text is featured alongside a spooky green triangle.

Kennedy News and Media

The ad was put up on 18 August by signage company Mandoemedia and was purchased for an unspecified amount.

Steve Baxter, from, said: "We were contacted by an individual to place this advert seeking a psychic.

"Initially we thought it was a joke but the individual explained they were deeply serious and wanted to find a genuine psychic.

"They felt the best way to do that would be to put out a 'psychic wanted' advert with no contact information because a good psychic would know exactly when, where, and how to contact them.

"It wasn’t made clear exactly why they were in need of a psychic, maybe they had been swindled by a fake psychic in the past or perhaps they want clarity on their future, we don’t know.

"But we are seriously invested in this experiment and it would be incredible if it actually works."

Kennedy News and Media

Taking to social media, one person thought: "It was done by someone with a great sense of humour and extra cash to spend."

Another added: "This is hilarious so many people thinking they are psychic are going to call random businesses saying they saw the add to apply."

"Now that is smart marketing," a third person joked.

While someone else rightly pointed out: "It's not a mystery to everybody."

"All the aesthetic girlsss it's your time to shine don't forget to add your crystals and tarot card to your suitcase," another added.

As we all know, billboards do have added uses.

Back in 2019, a father received 15,000 birthday calls and texts after his sons put his number up on a giant billboard in New Jersey.

Although spending $2,000 (£1,513) on a birthday gift is pretty nice of the two sons, I'm sure Chris Ferry could probably think of some better ways he could enjoy the money than on a massive sign.

Mr Ferry's sons decided it would be nice if lots of strangers wished their dad a happy birthday.

Alongside his mug and mobile number, a message on the billboard reads: "Wish my dad happy birthday - love, your sons."

It's the thought that counts.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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