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Man celebrates the end of 23-year marriage by driving Just Divorced car around town

Man celebrates the end of 23-year marriage by driving Just Divorced car around town

And he's got more plans up his sleeve to commemorate the end of his relationship.

A 58-year-old has decided to commemorate the end of his marriage in a rather interesting way.

To spread the word of his new venture into singledom, Angus Kennedy decorated his car with an anti-marriage twist.

He's taken the 'Just Married' car - you know, the one in which newlyweds traditionally depart from their wedding - and turned it on its head.

The father of five has decorated his 2004 Subaru Outback with white fake flowers, ribbons on the bonnet, and 'freedom' written across the windows.


He's been driving his 'Just Divorced' car around Dartford, in Kent, for a bit of a laugh and to raise awareness in the community that he is now a single and ready-to-mingle bachelor.

But it hasn't been an act of revenge or ex-wife shaming.

"Me and Sophie are still friends - the relationship just broke down," he said.

"But there is no animosity there. The final order went through in January so I thought doing the car up would be a funny way to celebrate."

The couple mutually agreed to part ways after filing for divorce in July 2021.

The pair have five kids, aged from 11 to 23 years old and share joint custody of the children.

Their divorce was finalised in January this year.

But it isn't the only thing Angus plans to do to celebrate the end of his marriage.

"I'm planning to get in touch with the church so I can get unmarried and undo the vows I pledged over two decades ago," he said.


Angus revealed his now ex-wife, Sophie Kennedy, 47, finds the 'whole [car] thing hilarious'.

"We are on great terms," he said.

Sophie revealed she is in full support of Angus' divorce parade.

"The car thing is funny, and to be honest, I wouldn't expect anything less from him," she said.

She revealed that it was important to her to end her marriage with Angus on good terms.

"I wanted to have an amicable divorce to show our children that it was possible to stay friends," she said.

"It was very important for me to show them a good example."

And, just because Angus and Sophie have parted ways, that doesn't mean that family game night is off the table.

She added: "We spend Christmas and Easter together as well as birthdays - and family dinners every so often for a catch up are a must."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS.

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