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Man adds 25 friends to a Survivor group chat and one person got voted off each week

Man adds 25 friends to a Survivor group chat and one person got voted off each week

And things got messy..

A podcaster revealed that one of his friends made a Survivor group chat where one person would be voted off each week.

And, of course, chaos ensued.

A TikTok account under the name ButterTokk posted a video that detailed the cunning plan and it sounds like the most hectic thing ever.

“So my friend, he created one day, he invited 25 of us to a WhatsApp group, and he went, ‘Welcome to Survivor,’" he began.

“Every week we voted someone off, it was - people I genuinely think lose friendships. It was over like a three-month period, it was hysterical.

"So you’d form alliances, like a hidden Immunity Idol; his WhatsApp status was, ‘DM me for the Hidden Immunity Idol’, because no one checks a WhatsApp status.”

For those of you unfamiliar, Immunity Idol is a totem that symbolises Tribal Immunity, whereby you can avoid elimination from the Tribal Council.

His co-host then asked: “Were you the first to DM him?”

He replied: “Some other guy DM’d him and [we] tried to vote him off, and he’s like, ‘Immunity Idol.”


“We were calling each other all day, different people being like, ‘Alright I’m with this person, let’s screw this person over, like wild,” the content creator said.

He added that while he got close to winning, ultimately, things took an ugly turn.

“I got close; [then] someone stabbed me in the back,” he disclosed.

“How much fun. It was a big commitment, he refused to kind of start it up again, but it was riveting,” he continued.

“People who were good and strategic, they cut off the strong people early.”

His fellow podcaster chimed in and disclosed her mastermind plan to win the competition.

“I’m the ‘lala girl’, who makes friends with everyone, I cook for people, I make shelter, I’m the most helpful campsite mate you could possibly ever have," she said.

"I agree with everything you say; I up your ego and then f**king stab you in the back. And Jonathan [LaPaglia] is like, ‘Wow didn’t see that coming."

The video sent the comment section into a frenzy, as one person wrote: “Imagine being the first voted off.”

Another commented: “This just screams 2020.”

While a third said: “The real question here is, was there a 2nd group made where all the people who got voted off talked s**t about everyone??”

Well, well, well, revenge is a dish best-served cold.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ButterTokk. CBS

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