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Man Fooled Into Taking All Of His Cars To Pay At Pump Thinking It Cost £1

Man Fooled Into Taking All Of His Cars To Pay At Pump Thinking It Cost £1

A man thought he'd bagged a bargain with fuel for £1

A man has been left a little out of pocket after he filled up all his cars on what he believed was a £1 deal on fuel.

With the cost of fuel continuing to skyrocket, many of us are having to dig a little deeper to fill up a tank.

Expecting fuel prices to fall anytime soon almost seems too good to be true, but one hopeful man thought he'd bagged himself a bargain when he filled up his for £1.

Mike J Ind thought he had got lucky when he pulled up to the Tesco pay at pump station to put £10 worth of fuel and drove away, thinking he'd only paid £1. 

Not wanting to waste any time, Mike drove back round and filled his car up again and was surprised to see that he was once again only charged £1.

He then decided he would return to fill up the other two cars at home and not wanting anyone else to miss out, he shared the bargain find with his friends.

Writing on Facebook, Mike said: "So thought it was my lucky day today as put a tenner of fuel in and noticed it only took £1 on my card so went back round and filled it right up. Again just a £1 taken. Went home and swapped cars over and filled that up and another £1 so filled the last car up and another £1. Thinking it was my lucky day and 3 cars full for £4 so put it on a couple of chats i am in letting people know."

However, Mike's bubble was soon burst as someone pointed out that the bargain didn't exist.

Unknown to Mike, when using the Tesco pay at pump station, £1 is deducted from your account with the rest of the balance being deducted at a later date.

Unfortunate for Mike, who will undoubtedly feel the blow when his £1 transactions add up to form a total of £40.

Facebook/Mike J Ind

But Mike was quick to see the funny side as he wrote: "What a w***er I am. Thought it was too good to be true. Never get anything in life for free and I don’t know how I managed to get this far In life."

The Facebook post which has been shared over 3.7k time has left people in stitches, with some users stating they also would have thought there was a £1 offer on fuel.

One user wrote: "Something I'd do tbh." 

While another said: "If I didn't know I for sure would've done this."

However some people couldn't understand how Mike had made the mistake, with one user writing: "How the hell did you get through life till now, just wow."

Mike was not offended by the comment however, and instead chose to keep poking fun of himself. 

Updating his Facebook profile picture to an edited picture of him at a petrol pump, Mile wrote: "Me at Pump 6 today thinking I was getting a bargain tank of fuel for a £1. Was so happy."

No doubt Mike will tread carefully the next time he comes across a bargain, because sometimes an unbelievable deal really is unbelievable.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Mike J Ind