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Man Forced To Swim For Life After Dinghy Ends Up In Path Of Huge Cargo Ship

Man Forced To Swim For Life After Dinghy Ends Up In Path Of Huge Cargo Ship

The man was filmed by terrified onlookers as they watched him narrowly escape death

Watch the terrifying moment a man narrowly escapes death as a 200,000-tonne cargo ship comes hurtling towards him: 

A man was seen swimming for his life in Southampton Waters after finding himself in the path of the Al-Zubara ship. 

The terrifying ordeal occurred just before 10am yesterday (6 March), when a man became stranded in the middle of a main shipping channel in Southampton. 

The video shows a figure frantically swimming away from the 400-metre-long ship, which looks set to swallow him up. 

With seconds to spare, the man manages to swim just far away enough from the ship to escape with his life. 

Passengers on a car ferry coming into Southampton were subject to the incident, with college student Eden East, 18, filming the whole thing. 

Solent News

Those around him described the reveller as having ‘a death wish’. 

Eden said the man was with two friends – who were on another dinghy – and could not start the engine of his boat when the ship came racing towards him. 

Eden said: "We were just coming in and saw a massive container ship coming towards us. 

"We could see this one boat out there and I thought to myself 'he's a bit brave'. 

"He obviously didn't see it coming. 

"Once he did see it you could see him start panicking and trying to start the engine on his dinghy - but it wouldn't start so just jumped in.

"I'm not sure how he made it. His boat got sucked under and was thrown up on the other side. 

"I was really scared for this guy, I felt sick." 

Solent News

Eden said the man's two friends, who can be seen escaping in the other dinghy, retrieved him from the water. 

The 18-year-old, from East Cowes on the Isle of Wight, also said the Red Funnel car ferry he was travelling on had to stop and carry out man-overboard procedures. 

Late last year, a man came face-to-face with the largest sailing yacht on Earth, having managed to get ‘a couple meters away’ from it. 

TikTok user Life of Niko (@nikogustin) posted the clip to his account, saying the boat had ‘visited Slovenia’ recently.   

In a second video, they said: “While we were a couple meters away from the most expensive sailboat on earth... there was someone looking at us.” 

They added in the caption: “Was it the owner?” 

Featured Image Credit: Solent News

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