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TikToker Comes Metres Away From Largest Sailing Yacht On Earth Worth More Than £300 Million

TikToker Comes Metres Away From Largest Sailing Yacht On Earth Worth More Than £300 Million

The TikToker even thought they saw owner Andrey Melnichenko onboard his luxurious Super Yacht A

A TikToker has shared a video of Super Yacht A, the largest sailing yacht on Earth - having managed to get ‘a couple meters away’ from it, only to find a person ‘looking’ at them from a small platform.  

TikTok user Life of Niko (@nikogustin) posted the clip earlier this week, saying the boat had ‘visited Slovenia’ recently.  

“We actually went to see the most expensive sailboat on earth,” they explained. 

"Do you know who is the owner of it?" 

In a second video, they said: “While we were a couple meters away from the most expensive sailboat on earth... there was someone looking at us.” 

They added in the caption: “Was it the owner?” 


In the footage, we see a figure standing on a platform jutting out from the side of the yacht, seemingly peering over at them as he shields the sun from his eyes. 

The boat is none other than Sailing Yacht A, which is owned by Andrey Melnichenko, the 49-year-old Russian billionaire who is estimated by Forbes to be worth $25.7 billion (£19.29bn).

Sailing Yacht A.

It is actually one of a pair of vessels – the other called Motor Yacht A, which was launched in 2008 before being followed up by its larger sibling in 2015. 

According to Forbes, Super Yacht A is worth ‘well over $400 million’ (£300m), with The Sun also reporting in 2017 that the vessel’s value is a staggering £360m ($479m), adding that Motor Yacht A is worth £240m ($319m) - bringing the combined total to £600m ($798m).  

No one really knows for sure - such is the mystery of the super rich elite - but most outlets are in agreement about one thing: the two boats are evidently worth a lot.  

Motor Yacht A.

Forbes says of Super Yacht A: “It measures 468 feet long, its three, free standing masts are well over 300 feet tall, and as you can see, it’s quite a… sight.

"In fact, once they set the sails (that will roughly cover the size of a football field on A’s three masts) it’ll technically be one of the largest sailing vessels in the world for Melnichenko and up to 20 guests to enjoy.” 

It also reportedly has a helipad, its very own submarine, a glass observation pod in the bottom of its hull and no less than eight decks.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@nikogustin

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