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Man Who Has Built One Million Strong 'Frog Army' In Garden Sparks Huge Concern

Joe Harker

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Man Who Has Built One Million Strong 'Frog Army' In Garden Sparks Huge Concern

Experts have huge concerns about a man who claims to have built an army of over a million frogs in his garden. Take a look at the astounding sight below:


The TikTokker, who has 1.9 million followers, has posted a series of videos about his journey rescuing frogspawn and raising them as his own personal 'frog army'.

Using the handle @thinfrog, their videos are getting millions of views as plenty of people have become invested in the development of the frog army.


Claiming to have a raised a ribbeting regiment of frogs 1.4 million strong after rescuing a whole load of frogspawn, he has since documented their growth into tadpoles and then fully fledged frogs.

While growing a massive army of frogs may sound like quite a cool pastime, it could have disastrous consequences for the local area.

The Metro spoke to marine biologist Dawood Qureshi, who warned that mass breeding over a million frogs all in the same place could have some 'adverse effects' on the local ecosystem.

The TikTokker claims to have an army of frogs 1.4 million strong. Credit: TikTok/@thinfrog
The TikTokker claims to have an army of frogs 1.4 million strong. Credit: TikTok/@thinfrog

He said: "Breeding that many frogs is definitely not good for the environment.

"It can cause an influx in frogs that wouldn’t normally survive in this environment, and that can have adverse effects such as too many predators of various insect species being released without many natural limits."

"Which then decreases numbers of insects and can in turn have a negative impact on important processes such as pollination - a process that ensures food plants are growing and thriving."

He suggested pest control might need to be called in to defeat the frog army while warning that local animals could wind up as 'collateral damage' as 1.4 million frogs struggle to share their habitat.


The expert warnings are worth heeding as the TikTokker's videos often mention they've spread across the neighbourhood.

However, some people believe the frog army is a hoax after one eagle-eyed follower spotted that some of the footage used in the videos came from old videos of frogs.

Fellow TikTokker @greenerbee explained that she recognised some parts of the frog army videos from old YouTube footage from years ago.


While this doesn't mean every part of the frog army videos are fake it would appear as though at least some of the footage is taken from elsewhere.

It might be better for everyone if the frog army isn't real as the experts worried about the ravenous horde of amphibians one million strong would sleep easier.

If they do cause an ecological disaster it can be chalked up as yet another thing predicted by The Simpsons, as the end of episode Bart vs Australia concludes with a horde of frogs destroying Australia's crops.

Let's just hope the frog army is either not real or feeling merciful.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thinfrog

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Joe Harker
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