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Dad gets a giant Fortnite tattoo on his forehead after losing a bet to his son

Dad gets a giant Fortnite tattoo on his forehead after losing a bet to his son

Donny's wife was absolutely fuming when she saw the design.

A man has agreed to get a giant tattoo of the Fortnite logo across his forehead.

While an influencer went viral for pretending she did the same thing but with her boyfriend's name, Donny Manco is the real deal.

The 50-year-old dad got into a bet with his 23-year-old son Memphis.

They believed they could beat the other in a game of Fortnite and the loser would have to get the logo emblazoned across their noggin.

Unfortunately for Donny, he lost and he had to go through with the punishment.

He went to a tattoo parlour and asked for the design to be placed just above his eyebrow.

While he wasn't too upset with the results, his wife certainly wasn't happy.

In a video, she confronted him about the ink and asked: "Why would you do that to your f***ing face. Fornite? Fortnite?!"

Memphis Manco/Caters

Many people thought it was dubious, but Memphis said it's not a surprising outcome considering how they operate as a family.

"In this household, we don't do things by halves; we go all-in, no half sends," he said.

"Judging by the constant tears of joy, it seems Dad's face canvas is a masterpiece that keeps on giving.

"Why Fortnite, you ask?

"It was the battlefield of choice in our household's epic saga of sibling rivalry and conquest.

"I thrive on turning family competitions into living art.

"Mum was blindsided by the surprise facial ink show; a plot twist that left her both shocked and intrigued.

"The ink saga doesn't end here - Dad's now in contemplation mode, plotting the next chapter of his tattooed narrative."

Ana Stanskovsky shocked the internet when she debuted her tattoo of her boyfriend's name on her forehead.

After insisting it was real, she eventually went back on her word and said it was a stunt to send a message to everyone.

"All I want to say is that I regret my tattoo...but not this one," she said as she pointed to the Kevin design.

"Because this is not actually a real tattoo.

"And the reason why I tricked the whole internet is that I have a message to young people and all of the people who want to get covered in tattoos.

"I want everyone to know that I regret my tattoos and you might regret yours when you get older.

"And as a person fully covered in tattoos, I feel like this is my responsibility to speak up, share my experience, and when people see me on social media the first thing they notice about me is my tattoos.

"So if I influence people, I want to influence people in the right way."

Featured Image Credit: Memphis Manco/Caters

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