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Man Fears He'll Soon Be Single After Getting Stone Island Tattoo On Night Out

Man Fears He'll Soon Be Single After Getting Stone Island Tattoo On Night Out

The man's unusual art piece left plenty of users in stitches after going viral earlier this week

Stone Island has become incredibly popular in recent years, but one man has taken his loyalty to the high fashion brand to a whole new level after getting its logo tattooed on his arm.

Bolton Wanderers fan Nat Conway had a picture of his new ink uploaded to Twitter by one of his pals, showing the Stone Island badge - which is synonymous with football fan culture - in all of its glory on the man's upper arm.

While clearly not shy to share his new tattoo with the world, the man's partner doesn't seem to have taken the news all too well.

As the Daily Star first reported, in a message to his friends in a WhatsApp group chat, Nat said: "Lads, I'm in shock this morning. I think I may be single when I get home. The Mrs hasn't taken to it too lightly."

Conway's original Tweet included the handle @badge_is_in, a parody account which collects hundreds of examples of people wearing Stone Island gear, using ever more elaborate techniques to try and get the iconic #badgein.

With over 150k followers, the account has taken off in recent months, mirroring the rise in popularity of the street fashion brand that was first popularised in the UK by figures such as Liam Gallagher.

"I have a Stone Island badge on my body. IT'S A RELIGION," Conway wrote in the WhatsApp group.

His tattoo caused quite the stir of social media, as while many found it hysterical, other loyal - yet unofficial - Stone Island ambassadors praised his unwavering loyalty to the brand.

"Never seen better 10/10 badge in my lifetime," one user wrote, while another added, "deserves the badge is in Ballon d'Or", in reference to the award given that is given to the world's best footballer.

Other notable #badgein posts include appearances from celebrities who are seen wearing Stone Island gear, with the likes of Dave, Erling Haaland and KSI amongst them.

Stone Island's appeal has even crossed the Atlantic in recent years, partly thanks to a rousing endorsement by Hip Hop superstar Drake.

The Canadian was first seen wearing Stoney gear at Wimbledon in 2015, and has since praised the brand on numerous occasions - even wearing garments while on stage.

Having been associated with football hooliganism for most of the brand's existence, mainstream appeal over the past decade has changed most people's perception of Stone Island.

Few individuals can claim to be a bigger Stoney fan than Nat, however, whose act of loyalty is hard to surpass.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@nathjnzy

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