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Half-naked man spotted sprinting in the snow convinces people ‘London is a simulation’

Half-naked man spotted sprinting in the snow convinces people ‘London is a simulation’

It’s been snowing in London over the last 15 hours or so, and London gets weird when snow’s involved

It’s been snowing in London over the last 15 hours or so, and the city isn’t very good with snow.

Three-stop tube journeys to work become hour-long trundles on the transport industry’s most sinister offering - rail replacement buses - and school closures mean parks are jam-packed with *shudders* children.

London just isn’t cut out for anything beyond a few slops of sleet. What’s more, full-on snow sends Londoners a little bit bonkers, as one viral video of last night’s (11 December) snow proves. Check out the clip below:

In fact, the clip is so peculiar that it’s left people certain that the capital is actually just one big simulation.

The video in question shows a ripped dude jogging down the middle of the road in what is, by London standards, a full-blown snow storm.

The kicker? He’s wearing nothing but a hat and a pair of shorts.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Crime LDN said it was filmed in Tottenham, North London.

Reposting the clip, The Archbishop of Banterbury captioned the footage: “I’m convinced London is a simulation.”

People were quick to share their thoughts, with one social media user writing: “Good job he’s got that hat on; wouldn't want him to catch a cold.”

Another Instagrammer said: “At least he wore a hat,” while a third penned: “People do any sh*t for the clout these days.”

Other comments included: “He should wear gloves though,” “A Russian off to buy a pint of milk and a newspaper” and “London is real life GTA.”

Due to freezing conditions, Brits were warned not to travel on Monday (12 December) due to snow and ice on the roads.

Motorists were stuck on the M25 with their vehicles trapped by the snowy conditions.

The Met Office issued a series of yellow weather warnings after serious snowfall over the weekend and temperatures are expected to stay below freezing overnight.

They admitted when it came to ice and snowy conditions, there was 'a bit more than we thought' in the first place.

Meanwhile, police forces in Cornwall, Stratford and Gloucestershire warned Brits not to travel if they can help it, while National Highways warned residents in the south east to only make essential journeys.

Met Office meteorologist Rachel Ayers warned that conditions would be worse in the South East of England, with 'persistent rain, sleet or snow' causing dangerous conditions on the roads and adding a risk to travel plans.

She said: "There will be ice forming, particularly near to the coast where there is rain and sleet, and freezing temperatures which could cause some travel disruption to start Monday with that valid until 9am."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/CrimeLdn

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