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Man Comes Up With Genius Work From Home Hack To Ensure You're Always 'Online'

Jayden Collins

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Man Comes Up With Genius Work From Home Hack To Ensure You're Always 'Online'

With the coronavirus pandemic causing people all around the world to work from home, bosses were faced with a new task of trying to ensure their staff were still working.

Some workplaces had fancy tech that would tell an employer if a staffer hadn't moved their mouse in a while.

However, one bloke has come up with an ingenious hack to get around that so you can watch Netflix until your heart's content.


The user posted a video of his computer mouse attached to a robot vacuum cleaner as it drove around the house.

Not only does this method keep him online with his work computer, but it also helps keep the house clean.

The man caveated that this was 100 per cent a joke just in case his boss saw the viral video and thought he was slacking off at home.

His clip has gone absolutely bonkers on TikTok and has been seen more than 11 million times.


Some comments on the video made a stab at the theoretical situations that may arise if the company were to crack down on the behaviour.

One user said: “So we GPS tracked your mouse and noticed you seemed to have travelled a couple miles."

Another joked: "You can’t make me come back, I’m so much more productive at home.”

Credit: @thelastjoey/TikTok
Credit: @thelastjoey/TikTok

The comments section also essentially turned into a how-to guide of getting away with not doing any work while working from home. 

One comment said: “Open a draft in email > place something heavy on space bar>profit.”

A different user added: “Just turn on windows media player, set to repeat, then mute it.”

A string of comments suggested a 'mouse jiggler', which is a program that sees the mouse periodically move, stimulating activity, and most importantly making sure that cheeky online light stays green. 


TikTok has become a haven for working from home hacks, with one YouTuber by the name of Matty McTech trying out the tips a few weeks back to see if they actually worked.

One tip included attaching a mouse to an oscillating fan to keep the screen active, with another including downloading a program that will keep your keyboard hitting the F15 key.

Another tip involved those pesky Zoom calls and making sure you’re shown being present and active without actually being there at all.


By recording a short video of yourself sitting in your working from home space and converting the video to GIF form, you can then upload the video as a virtual background on Zoom, which basically imitates being present during the meeting. 

Of course, this one could prove difficult to play out if you are prompted for a reply within the meeting. 

With new working from home hacks coming more popular and more inventive by the day, I guess you certainly can’t question whether worker’s productivity is up.

However, you have to wonder whether that energy could actually be spent doing the work while at home. 

Featured Image Credit: @thelastjoey/TikTok

Topics: Hacks, TikTok

Jayden Collins
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