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Man Causes Outrage By Revealing He Spends $2K A Month On ‘High End’ Water

Man Causes Outrage By Revealing He Spends $2K A Month On ‘High End’ Water

The TikTok video has now amassed over 1 million views, with many questioning the man's sanity

A self-proclaimed ‘water snob’ has no shame in admitting he spends $2,000 (£1,472) on designer water every month. Here he is explaining his pricey water habit below:

Ryan Dubs, who goes by @ryandubs on TikTok, describes himself as a ‘brand king and creative director to the stars’. 

However, one of his most recent videos gained over 1 million views for all the wrong reasons as TikTok users were left outraged by claiming he spends $2,000 on water every month. 

The clip begins with him telling viewers: “I spend $2,000 a month on high end water bottles delivered directly to my house and, as a water snob, it is such a luxury. 

“I know what you’re thinking, where do I keep it all?” 

Actually, that wasn’t the first question that sprung to mind... 

“Well, I have four fridges, so I’ve got that part covered,” he says. 


“I love VOSS, it’s one of my favourite water bottle brands.” 

“I’ve always been a water snob and I know that for a lot of people you’re probably like what the hell, why do you care, it’s just water, but I hate the taste of tap water. I cannot drink it. 

“I only drink bottled water - it’s the only way I’ll get it in me.” 

Ryan continues: “For the past year I actually had Fiji water delivered to my house but it started to weigh on me how much plastic waste that was creating.” 

Good to know the man has a conscience! 

“VOSS is net carbon neutral so it’s definitely a more eco-friendly choice. 

“It’s a little pricey but I do buy it in bulk from the place that would sell it to a hotel or grocery store so it’s a bit better. 


“Everyone has their thing and I guess I'm just a water snob but my guests love it, everybody loves to be handed a nice, cold glass water bottle.” 

As you can imagine, Ryan did not receive the most positive of comments after he posted the video to his TikTok. 

One person said: “This is humiliating,” as another agreed, adding: “We need a world reset.” 

A third said: “How out of touch can one person be? I’m lost for words. 1 in 3 people don’t have access to clean drinking water and this guy is flexing on $2k a month.” 

A fourth person joked: “I heard if you put the bottle to your ear, you can hear the marketing team laughing.” 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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