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Man Speechless After His Dog Is Given A Speeding Ticket

Man Speechless After His Dog Is Given A Speeding Ticket

Bad to the bone

Getting a speeding ticket is never a fun time, but what do you do if your pet pooch is the perpetrator?

This was the bizarre situation facing a driver over in Germany who was left speechless when his dog landed him a €50 speeding fine.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the picture: 

This pooch was handed a speeding fine.

This was the letter the man, who hasn’t been named, received in the post, outlining how his car had been captured by a traffic camera as it was going faster than the speed limit. 

However, rather than showing his face behind the wheel, the image actually showed his small white dog appearing to stare blissfully at the road ahead. 

The driver’s nephew Don Kylian shared the hilarious snap on Twitter, explaining to The Dodo: “My first reaction was: ‘That can’t be real.’

“I think my uncle was just as surprised.”

Don’t worry, though - this canine isn’t a car thief. Apparently the doggo had actually been sitting beside his owner, only to jump onto his lap right as they passed the traffic camera.

The result is this beautifully timed photo, which we can only hope the owner will have framed. 

What a profile pic.

Kylian added: “Normally, the dog wears a special car belt for the safety. That day, my uncle forgot to put it on him, and the dog came to cuddle him [as he was driving]. 

“The funny part is, he was in his lap for just three seconds.”

I’d say the funny part is that photo, and the internet clearly agrees, with one person joking: “How is the dog supposed to fork out 50 Euros?!”

Another wrote, “That belongs in a museum,” while a third chimed in, “Bro screen print that on t-shirts and sell them.”

Not a bad idea, that. 

Others were wondering about the logistics of the fine, including this person who said: “It would be interesting to know where the photo was taken. 

“In Austria the owner of the vehicle pays, in Germany the driver.”

Well, funnily enough it was taken in Germany, and so the driver ended up having to pay the fine - the human one, not the fur baby. 

“He paid it,” added the nephew. “But I can’t tell you what the authorities thought.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Armendaus03

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