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Man gobsmacked after finding out how they change the prices on petrol station boards

Man gobsmacked after finding out how they change the prices on petrol station boards

Marlon Williams left TikTok stunned when he captured a Sainsbury’s petrol station employee updating their prices.

A man has blown TikTok users’ minds as he revealed how the prices on petrol station boards get change – and it’s simpler than you think. Watch it below:

Social media user Marlon Williams took to the platform on Thursday (18 August) to share a video of him capturing how a Sainsbury’s petrol station employee updates their prices.

Pointing his camera on the station worker, he could be heard saying off the screen, "That's how you change it.

"Everyone always talks about how you can change it" as the employee based at the Oxfordshire station points what looks to be a remote control at the board to change the numbers.

Williams wrote across the video, ‘Have you ever wondered how they change the prices on petrol station boards’ and then captioned it, ‘Changing petrol prices in the UK.’

Unsurprisingly the video, which has been viewed 11,000, attracted a heap of humorous comments joking that the employee was the man behind the petrol price hikes.

One quipped: "Bruh man’s just got a fire stick remote".

"So it's all his fault," another joked. A third cheekily wrote: "bros ripping the country off".

While another user pointed out that they can change the prices from the comfort of the tills, sharing: "used to be done on a little keypad inside the kiosk".

The price board magically changed with the help of a remote.
TikTok / @marlonwilliamss1

To which Williams responded: "Yeah I think this is the back up when the keypad doesn’t work".

Earlier this week, LADbible reported how motorists from across the UK are driving miles to a petrol station in the north of England that is selling petrol for the bargain price of £1.60.

The rising cost of petrol and diesel has fed into the UK's cost of living crisis.

However, Sam Barber, manager of Jet Oakley petrol station in West Auckland, County Durham, wants to keep petrol low to help people during what is a difficult time financially for many.

You would think Barber was just doing a lovely gesture, however, the petrol station manager says the low prices are positively impacting his independent business.

A petrol station in County Durham at bargain prices.
North News

"It’s in our best interest to keep prices down, to get more people shopping inside the business and spending money in the shop," he said. "The garage has been her for over 50 years, so we’ve always tried to keep them low for the community.

"We’ve seen an increase in customers and people who have come to us for the first time because of the cheap fuel."

Like the price of petrol, diesel also sees a sizeable difference to most other petrol stations at a cost of £1.75. The price tag comfortably beats supermarket chains such as Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

According to the RAC, the average price of petrol in the UK right now is £1.72 per litre, with diesel at £1.83. At its worse, petrol hiked at £1.91 per litre earlier this summer, meanwhile diesel was as high as £1.99.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @marlonwilliamss1

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