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Petrol Station Boss Sells 'Cheapest Fuel In The UK'

Petrol Station Boss Sells 'Cheapest Fuel In The UK'

Hassan Mohammed put his own savings into the station to help his customers out!

A petrol station owner in Manchester has claimed he is selling the cheapest petrol in the UK.

Co-director Hassan Mohammed is proud to be selling the 'cheapest petrol in the country' from the Limes Service Station on Manchester Road in Walkden.

Patrons of the station can currently fill up on unleaded petrol for 169.9p per litre and diesel for 185.9p.

The average petrol price in the UK this month is currently 190.65 for unleaded petrol and 198.42 for diesel, according to the RAC.

Hassan told the Manchester Evening News that he's just doing his bit to help his customers navigate the cost of living crisis.

The 'cheapest' petrol station in the UK!
MEN Media

He said: "At the moment, the cost of living has soared significantly for everyone and prices for butter and everyday goods are constantly rising every day.

"People's disposable incomes are being affected in a major way and we know that petrol is one of the biggest costs for people.

"We thought we'd like to do something for our community in Walkden."

Hassan went on to say that he's hoping the station can offer its comparatively bargain prices for 'a minimum of seven days'.

"We've been here for seven years now and we've always tried to support our community. It's not a gimmick, we want to help people save a bit of money.

"We're putting a lot into it and we hope we can sustain it for a minimum of seven days but as petrol and diesel are a commodity, their prices do fluctuate - if prices allow us, we will keep it going for longer."

A woman filling up at the Limes Service Station.
MEN Media

Hassan said his customers have been letting him know how grateful they are for the offer, which has been made possible by his decision to put his own savings into the business.

His generosity comes after it was reported last month that a petrol station in London was charging a staggering 238.9p a litre for unleaded petrol and 249.9p for a litre of diesel. 

The report was made by London World and BBC Radio London, who added that the station was located in one of London's pricer areas - Sloane Avenue in South Kensington.

The AA has now offered advice for motorists who may be struggling to fill up their tanks amid the price hikes.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA, said: "There are around 8,000 petrol stations in the UK so it's pretty hard to know where has the most expensive petrol per litre but London tends to be at the more expensive end.

The price of petrol keeps going up.

“It also tends to be in more rural areas where it’s a little bit more expensive than normal.

"If you're lucky enough to have a supermarket fuel station nearby, that tends to drag down prices in the area, as they have more flexibility, meaning other retailers try and bring their prices into line.

"But that effect has diminished somewhat, so it really is a case of shopping around."

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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