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Milk thrown all over Just Stop Oil protesters who blocked road during slow march

Milk thrown all over Just Stop Oil protesters who blocked road during slow march

A group of Just Stop Oil protesters have had milk thrown over them

Over the past year or so, members of Just Stop Oil have glued themselves to countless streets and halted traffic in protest of the UK government's handling of climate change.

And now, it's clear some people have had enough after shocking footage emerged of campaigners having milk thrown all over them.

In the short clip, which has been posted to Twitter, an unidentified man can be seen walking through a street, seemingly in London.

Up ahead are several members of Just Stop Oil, one of who tries to hand the man a leaflet.

After saying no, the man holding the camera then walks across the road, which is being blocked by another group of protesters.

He then chucks a bottle of milk in their faces, pouring it over one lad's head who's holding a sign.

A group of Just Stop Oil protesters had milk thrown over them.

Walking away, he then tries to empty the remnants of the bottle on another protester's head, saying: "And you can have it as well, you f**king c**t."

Since the footage was posted to social media, it's been viewed thousands of times, with some agreeing with the man's actions.

"Should have topped it off with orange powder," said one, while another added: "Well done!"

Others, however, slammed the person in the video, claiming the man was completely out of order.

"From the same sort of account that probably cried over milkshakes being poured on Farage, Yaxley-Lennon and so on," they wrote.

"This isn’t acceptable."

This comes after a driver rammed their car into one protester who was blocking a road.

A video shared widely online showed a driver seeming to run over a protester in North London as they attempted to stop traffic getting through.

A Just Stop Oil protester was recently hit by a car.
Twitter/Just Stop Oil

The motorist didn’t fancy waiting around for the protesters to be cleared from the road, and put their foot down, running over the foot of one of the protesters in the process. Then, the car quickly left the scene.

After the footage went viral, Just Stop Oil shared the video and commented how they believe that ‘inflammatory language’ from politicians and commentators has caused this end result.

The group tweeted: “After weeks of inflammatory language from politicians and right-wing media personalities, a car has finally rammed into a peaceful protest.

“Are you about to comment ‘Good!’ or ‘Stay out of the road?’

“Are you sure that the side you want to pick is the side of violence, of the repression of protest?

“What we do now determines the fate of humanity. You owe it to your children to do the right thing.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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