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Furious drivers confront Just Stop Oil Protesters and try to drag them off the road

Furious drivers confront Just Stop Oil Protesters and try to drag them off the road

Drivers take action against Just Stop Oil protestors, shoving them out of the road.

Furious drivers took action against Just Stop Oil protestors, shoving them out of the road.

Watch the chaotic footage here:

This morning, 11 October, at around 10.00 am, the protestors formed three roadblocks between Knightsbridge and Brompton Road in London.

Some glued themselves to the tarmac to halt traffic, with furious drivers soon pulling protestors onto the pavement.

For those not familiar, Just Stop Oil is the campaign that aims to halt the licensing, development, and production of oil and gas in the UK.

Sharing news of their most recent protest to Twitter, the activists said: "BREAKING: KNIGHTSBRIDGE AND BROMPTON ROAD BLOCKED At 10 am, 32 supporters of Just Stop Oil established 3 road blocks on Knightsbridge and Brompton Rd, stopping traffic in either direction. Some have glued on. All are expected to be arrested."

This isn't the first time protestors have stopped traffic, on Saturday, 8 October, they blocked Baker Street and on Sunday they took to Piccadilly Circus.

Furious drivers seem to have had enough of the protestors, with some pulling activists from the road and shouting for them to move.

Some even took to Twitter to air their grievances, one user said: "If the police fail to move these self entitled Just Stop Oil protesters, it was only a matter of time until the public took matters into their own hands. They weren’t expecting this."

While another added: "So earlier today Just Stop Oil protesters delayed an ambulance and a fire engine due to blocking the road at Knightsbridge.

"These delays could have cost someone their life and yet, the police just allowed it."

A third said: "Fantastic to see the public fighting back against this."

The Met Police also condemned the group for disrupting the city, with Superintendent Chris Green saying: "This weekend we saw repeated efforts to cause damage to businesses and to unreasonably disrupt the lives of ordinary Londoners by blocking roads.

"The policing operation required to respond to these challenges is significant. It requires many officers out on the ground in key locations in addition to those who are needed to process prisoners and then carry out the investigations to turn arrests into charges and ultimately, outcomes at court.

"We fully support peaceful protest and will always try to work with organisers so that protests can go ahead safely, but the public rightly expect us to respond swiftly and effectively where protest crosses the line into criminality.

"Thanks to the dynamic and effective response of the dedicated men and women who were on duty over the past two days, we have identified offenders, prevented further incidents of criminal damage and kept disruption in central London to a minimum."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@TalkTv

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