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Man who tattooed his entire body and had his ears removed says his mother accepts who he is

Rachel Lang

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Man who tattooed his entire body and had his ears removed says his mother accepts who he is

If you see a hulking black figure wandering around Paris next time you're there, don't panic.

It's not The War of the Worlds come to life.

It's Anthony Loffredo, a man on a mission to transform himself into a 'black alien'.



Loffredo sat down with LADbibleTV's programme No Filter to tell us what drove him to get the extreme look, as well as the fallout he experiences as a result.

Loffredo has undergone a raft of body modifications, such as full body tattoos, large-scale piercings, dyeing his teeth and amputation for an evolution project he says is a bid to become less human and more alien.

He says his evolution journey started when he was 27 and it helps him understand life and makes him feel more like himself.

Loffredo identifies with transgender people because he too feels like he was born in the wrong body and has been chipping away at making him feel at peace.


Despite the extreme makeover, he says his mum is supportive of his evolutionary project.

"There are people who are open-minded and there are people who are close-minded," he said to LADbibleTV. "That's the way it is.

"That's how it will be for all of humanity...I can't make everyone be open to everything."

He even says people have reached out to him to say they feel more secure about themselves after seeing his journey.


A lot of his body modifications and surgeries are banned in Europe and the US.

His most intense modifications include been the removal of his fingers, nose and upper lip.

When he removed his lip, he had to relearn how to speak.


As a result, Loffredo can't get a job.

And well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of your actions coming back to haunt you.

Speaking on the Club 113 podcast, he said: "I can’t find a job, there’s lots of negative stuff. It could be positive because you feel better, but you have to know there’s also a dark side."

“I’m a normal guy, I work, I have a family."


He added: "I like being looked at like a normal guy with a job, with a family, who has a friend, girlfriend, all of that. That’s what makes me normal."

His look is anything but normal though.

In 2021, he told podcaster Kyle Anderson he has already forked out a massive USD$30,000 in plastic surgery to achieve his dream look.

He says he's only 46 per cent of the way through his 'Black Alien Project Evolution'.

To finish his little mission, Loffredo wants to have one of his legs amputated.

But he did admit his struggle to find work and going out in public can be tough.

His local cafes and bars have started to ban him from visiting as he frightens other customers.

"If I want to eat at a restaurant, sometimes the server says I can't eat on the terrace," he told LADbible.

But, it's all worth it at the end of the day.

Featured Image Credit: the_black_alien_project/Instagram. LADbibleTV/YouTube

Topics: Weird, World News, News

Rachel Lang
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