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Man Who Claims To Own Biggest Fish Tank In UK Doesn't Regret How Much He's Spent On It

Man Who Claims To Own Biggest Fish Tank In UK Doesn't Regret How Much He's Spent On It

He’s spent a ‘small fortune’ installing the huge fish tank in his suburban semi, but has no regrets in investing in his passion

A man who claims to own the UK’s biggest domestic fish tank says he doesn’t regret how much he's spent on his unusual hobby, having forked out tens of thousands transforming his home into a giant aquarium. 

Jack Heathcote, 49, admitted he’s spent a ‘small fortune’ installing the huge fish tank in his suburban semi, but said he’s more than happy to invest in something he’s ‘passionate about’. 

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The unique feature measures 14ft long, 12ft 8ins wide and 7ft deep, and is so big that he has to dive in it clean it from his dining room floor. 

Housed in his cellar, it holds 4,800 gallons of water and weighs 22 tonnes – that’s 12 times heavier than a family car. 

And the gigantic underwater display has come with a price tag to match, with Heathcote estimating he’s splashed out a whopping £20,000 on the tank and its maintenance.  

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He told The Sun: “You could rightly say my hobby has taken over my house as well as my life. 

"As far as I know, this tank is the biggest domestic tank in Britain. 

"I would love to hear of someone taking up the challenge of building a bigger one." 

Heathcote’s love for fish first began when he got his first goldfish at the age of five, but things really took off when a trip to Blackpool Aquarium five years later ‘inspired’ him. 

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He first installed a network of nine tanks when he moved into his five-bedroom home in Carlton, Nottingham, almost 20 years ago. 

They were originally filled with hundreds of tropical fish from across the globe, but Heathcote was forced to switch to cold water species in 2016 after heating water for the exotic species left him spending £200 a month. 

After cutting the bill in half, the massive tank now holds 50 perch, rudd and tench – all of which were caught by Heathcote himself in a local canal – and four mirror carp. 

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Along with paying £700 for the glass panels and £800 for the fibreglass lining, Heathcote reckons the tank cost £5,000 to build and install. 

Combined with the cost of sourcing the fish, maintenance and food, the total he’s spent has rocketed up to around £20,000. 

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The self-confessed ‘fish nutter’ continued: "Down the years I've probably spent around £20,000 on my fish. 

"It's a hobby I'm passionate about and am happy to pay what amounts to a small fortune. 

"But there are people who spend more money on their hobbies, like on miniature railways or antiques." 

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The tank serves as his main source of entertainment, as he doesn’t own a TV – a set-up that Heathcote relishes. 

"I can watch them for hours interacting with each other,” he said. 

“It’s very relaxing. 

"No one says they think my hobby is odd. People say they are envious of the extent I indulge my passion." 

Featured Image Credit: The Sun/News Licensing

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