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Mark Zuckerberg has one rule when hiring someone to work for him

Mark Zuckerberg has one rule when hiring someone to work for him

Mark Zuckerberg’s clever rule when choosing Facebook employees will change your approach to interviews

The one clever rule Mark Zuckerberg has when choosing future employees will certainly change your approach to job interviews.

Being employed by the Facebook CEO himself would be the ego boost we all need, but after finding out why he hired you, you’ll be even more impressed!

During a talk at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in 2015, the tech-giant gave audience members an insight into the one question he asks himself when considering potential candidates - and it’s actually quite genius.

“That’s what makes a great leader.”

Facebook had 86,482 employees as of 2021, a figure we can only imagine has increased, and whilst not all of them will have been hired based on this question alone, it may have been a consideration for a large majority.

The good news is that it’s a concept that anyone can apply as a future interview-mindset.

Zuckerberg revealed that he asks himself whether he would work for the person in front of him during the interview process.

Speaking at the event, he said: “I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person.

“It’s a pretty good test, and I think this rule has served me well.”

Elaborating on the point, he added: “In an alternate universe, if things were different and I didn’t start the company, I would be happy to work for that person.

“Or if Facebook just disappeared and I had to go find something else to go do, then I’d be happy to go work for that person.”

It’s certainly an approach we've never heard of before!

It’s most likely that other hiring managers have also adopted this method after hearing it from the man himself, so it could be something to consider next time you’re trying to land a new role.

“You have to be willing to put yourself out there."

It’s important in this situation to be recognised as a leader, which you can actually do without ever being one!

Showing integrity and displaying empathy towards people in the company, instead of delegating tasks just because you can, is one way of showing this.

Talking to The Muse, Lisa Walsh, vice president at PepsiCo Sales, said: “Most of us work on high-powered teams, but every team needs a leader.

“You have to be willing to put yourself out there, take risks, and take responsibility for both successes and failures. That’s what makes a great leader.”

Of course, not everyone hires like Zuckerberg, but despite that, it would be nice to adopt the qualities of someone your boss would want to work for.

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