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Martin Lewis issues desperate warning to Brits booking holiday this summer

Martin Lewis issues desperate warning to Brits booking holiday this summer

The Money Saving Expert has issued an important warning to any Brits heading abroad this summer.

Summer is well and truly here, and if you're lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere nice, you'll want to remember all the essentials before you go.

Passport, travel money, boarding passes and all them Hawaiian shirts you wear once a year are, of, course a must.

But while that may sound like just about everything, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has issued a desperate warning to all Brits heading on a holiday abroad this summer.

In a recent edition of the newsletter, the 51-year-old said: "If you've booked a holiday abroad, and don't have travel insurance, do it now, today, do not delay.

"I admit I say this with a hint of desperation. EVERY summer, my heart sinks after someone asks me a question who'd had 'getting travel insurance' on their to-do list, but didn't prioritise it.

Martin Lewis has urged Brits to get travel Insurance.

"Usually they've had a serious diagnosis (too often cancer), injury, redundancy or bereavement, can't go on holiday, and are shocked the airline or hotel won't let them cancel."

Compared to them outlandish Hawaiian shirts you've been staring at in the wardrobe since January, travel insurance sounds pretty boring.

But it is one of the most important parts of your holiday itinerary, as picking some up some for literal tipple before you head on your holiday could save you thousands if you end up requiring medical attention while there.

Lewis even made it pretty clear in the newsletter that travel insurance is non-negotiable.

"So let me be blunt. Unless you booked with free cancellation, being ill doesn't give you rights," the Money Saving Expert said.

"It's like arguing why you can't return a tennis racket as faulty because you have a broken arm. That's why you need to get travel insurance ASAB (As Soon As You Book).

"It's not just there to cover you in case things go wrong while you're on holiday. Half the value is protection BEFORE travelling, in case something happens to stop you from going.”

Taking out the travel insurance could save you thousands.
Alan Dawson / Alamy Stock Photo

On a more positive note, Lewis encouraged Brits to shop more freely when abroad and used popular clothing brand Zara as an example.

He told Brits heading abroad that if they're planning to step into Zara, they would be much better off waiting until they're in sunny Spain, for example, rather than in the UK before splashing the cash.

In a blog post last summer, Lewis said Brits abroad could save up to £50 on individual items if they get in the right place at the right time.

For example, on Zara's Spanish website, a Chambray blazer with elbow pads was listed €99.95, whereas it was £129 on the UK site.

See you in Spain!

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Alan Dawson / Alamy Stock Photo

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