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Meghan Markle, Kate travel in seperate cars as Harry and William walk side-by-side behind Queen's coffin

Meghan Markle, Kate travel in seperate cars as Harry and William walk side-by-side behind Queen's coffin

Meghan Markle was relegated to the tail end of the royal procession behind the Queen's coffin for one very good reason.

Meghan Markle and Catherine, the new Princess of Wales, have travelled in seperate cars to Westminster Hall before putting on a rare united front at the Westminster Hall service for the Queen.

The two women followed the royal procession by car as Prince William and Prince Harry walked side by side behind the Queen's coffin, as they did 25 years ago following the tragic death of their mum, Princess Diana.

As the royal procession made their solemn journey, Big Ben tolled at one-minute intervals as the Queen left her London home for the last time.

Some have queried why the two women did not travel together, with rumours of a rift still swirling between Prince Harry, his wife and the now-Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate.

Meghan travelled with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, while Kate shred a car with the Queen Consort, Camilla.

It was due to royal rankings that meant Meghan was required to take a separate vehicle from the Princess of Wales.

Meghan, travelling separately from Kate.
Doug Peters / Alamy

Royal protocol places the Queen Consort and Princess of Wales before Meghan Markle, hence her bringing up the rear.

The moment was a stark contrast between their husbands, Prince William and Harry, who walked together behind the coffin.

The Fab Four stood together at the service at Westminster Hall; a rare show of unity seen only once since Prince Harry and Meghan decided to dump their royal duties.

The Prince and Princess of Wales left Westminster Hall together, as did Prince Harry and Meghan.

A public display of affection in Westminster Hall between Prince Harry and his wife did, however, raise some eyebrows.

Body language expert Judi James told The Sun it was an 'emotionally impulsive' moment.

"Meghan and Harry do seem to break rank to hold hands at the end of the service," Judi told The Sun.

"It looks like an emotionally impulsive gesture, driven by a need to touch and unite again."

"But it’s hard to not factor in how Harry was not allowed to appear in uniform like the others – apart from Andrew – so possibly felt less restriction in terms of sustaining royal protocol."

The Fab Four came together last week to pay tribute to the Queen.
PA Images / Alamy

The body language expert added that everyone 'apart from Harry and Meghan' walked with a 'large gap between them'.

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew wore morning suits rather than military uniforms for their roles in the Queen's coffin procession today, a reflection of their removal of royal duties by choice and - in Prince Andrew's case - removed by the Queen due to scandal.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images / Alamy.

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