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Met Office Says UK May Record Its Hottest Ever Day This Week As Heatwave Continues

Met Office Says UK May Record Its Hottest Ever Day This Week As Heatwave Continues

If you thought it was hot now you'd better prepare for it to get even more scorching.

The UK could have its hottest ever day in recorded history this week as the Met Office has warned of a heatwave sweeping across this green, pleasant and sweltering land.

The air will be hot, the sun will be scorching and it's going to be so warm that the roads might even start melting out from under our cars.

Most parts of the UK are going to be settling in for some 'dry and sunny' weather with temperatures in the low 30s, though some places in the south of England could see even warmer weather.

It's set to be in the running for the longest heatwave in Britain's recorded history, and health warnings have been issued accordingly.

Official Met Office predictions suggest that temperatures will climb as high as 33C in some parts of the UK and if the heatwave sustains itself over several days could get even warmer.

However, according to the Daily Mirror some predictions are being made that the temperature could soar even higher and possibly even smash the UK's record for the hottest ever day.

The previous record for the UK's hottest ever day stands at 38.7C, recorded in 2019 in Cambridge, but some are suggesting that we could see that benchmark obliterated.

One prediction claims that next Sunday (17 July) could see a ridiculous temperature spike going up to 43C, though the Met Office says this is 'very unlikely'.

Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell told the Mirror the heat Brits would be facing this week was 'quite unprecedented', saying there was a 'one in three chance' of a record breaking temperature coming this week.

While that figure of 43C is on the more extreme end of predictions, the fact that it's even coming up at all is a sign of just what sort of heatwave the UK is in for over this coming week.

People will be flocking to Britain's beaches in all this heat.

The reason for this heatwave is Britain is being hit by the hot air which has been scorching France and Spain recently.

People have been warned to stay hydrated and be able to cool themselves down, and to keep an eye on the wellbeing of more vulnerable friends and family who will be suffering more in the sweltering heat.

The heat will be strongest between 11am and 3pm, so that's the time to be most careful of being caught out and about in the glare of the sunshine.

A level three health alert has been issued for this week, with experts recommending people keep their homes cool by closing curtains on windows facing the sun and dressing weather-appropriate, so it's time to crack out the shorts and t-shirt.

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