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Monkey who was given cocaine and flushed down toilet now has a boyfriend

Monkey who was given cocaine and flushed down toilet now has a boyfriend

A monkey that suffered years of abuse has ended up being rescued and now has a boyfriend.

A monkey that suffered horrendous abuse is enjoying a much happier life after being rescued, and now even has a boyfriend.

Milly the marmoset was seen in disturbing footage being offered cocaine and flushed down a toilet while she clung onto the bowl for dear life, leading authorities to step in and rescue her.

Other videos showing the cruel treatment Milly suffered including a dog chasing her and the marmoset being offered scalding hot food.

When they eventually tracked her down, she was taken into the care of the RSPCA before being transferred to Monkey World in Dorset, where she has space to roam and can be among her own kind.

Viki Holland, from Newport, Wales, was banned from keeping animals for life after footage emerged of the abuse, she was also given a 12 week jail sentence suspended for 12 months.

Milly was offered cocaine and flushed down a toilet before being rescued and sent to Monkey World.

While Milly was at first lacking confidence, leaving staff to worry about the long term effects she could be suffering from due to her abuse, she slowly began to get used to her new surroundings.

Things got even better for Milly when she was introduced to Moon, another marmoset who had been rescued from the pet trade and rehomed at Monkey World back in 2017.

While Moon got used to his new surroundings back then with help from his adoptive parents Solomon and Hazel, he then helped Milly settle in.

He gained her trust quickly by responding to her alarm calls and rushing to her side, standing next to her until she had calmed down, and they're now inseparable.

RSPCA inspector Sophie Daniels said Milly had been a 'very disturbing case' but praised the marmoset for settling into a 'fantastic environment with her boyfriend Moon by her side'.

Milly and boyfriend Moon were both rescued from the pet trade and like spending time together.
Monkey World

The RSPCA has been very clear that monkeys are not suitable animals to be kept as pets, especially as they can be dangerous to their owners and will suffer if kept as a pet.

Clever animals who can live up to 40 years and cannot have all of their needs met living in a person's house do not make for good pets.

Monkeys need space to roam, have a very specialised diet and need social interaction with other monkeys.

Marmosets like Milly are the most commonly traded monkeys which are kept as pets, though they are completely unsuited to it.

While it is technically legal to keep them as pets, the RSPCA is urging the governments of England and Wales to change the law and rule it out.

Featured Image Credit: Wales News Service/Monkeyworld

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