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More Than 100,000 People Sign Petition To Stop Channel 4's Privatisation

More Than 100,000 People Sign Petition To Stop Channel 4's Privatisation

A petition to prevent Channel 4 from becoming privatised by the government has reached over 100,000 signatures.

A petition to prevent Channel 4 from becoming privatised by the government has reached over 100,000 signatures.

A consultation into the future of Channel 4 was first launched last year on 6 July.

Plans to privatise the broadcaster have since been confirmed by the government in a statement given by a spokesperson for the Department for Digital, Culture, Music and Sport.

However, many people have opposed the move and flocked to a petition to try and prevent it from going through.

Members of the public have expressed their anger via a petition titled 'Stop the privatisation of Channel 4'.

The petition - created by E. L. McNally and addressed to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, reads: "I am appalled at the Government's intention to privatise Channel 4.

"Channel 4 is responsible for some of the very best programming on UK TV. Channel 4 News is one of the most trusted news programmes at a time when disinformation is rife.

"There are very few places where we can trust in the integrity of those producing news and content.

"There are very few places we can trust in the honest intention to serve diverse communities.

"The mono culture that is sure to be the result of such a move would be seriously undermining of the health and creativity of UK TV programming.

"To privatise Channel 4 would seriously undermine programming aimed at all the communities, across generations, that make up this country. The government has no right to move ahead with a plan that is not in the interest of the viewing public.

"I hope we can all come together to protect the independence of this beloved, trusted and much needed channel. Channel 4 is an invaluable part of UK media."

Channel 4 headquarters in London.

The government confirmed the proposal in a statement which highlighted the 'extensive consultation' which had taken place into the 'future ownership' of the broadcaster.

The spokesperson said: "The Culture Secretary has come to a decision and is now consulting with Cabinet colleagues. 

"We want Channel 4 to flourish and thrive in the face of a rapidly-changing media landscape. It holds a cherished place in our broadcasting landscape and we want that to remain the case. 

"We set out our preferred option for a change of ownership to give the corporation new freedoms to innovate and grow while continuing to make an important economic, social and cultural contribution to the UK. We will announce further details shortly."

Channel 4 headquarters in London.

In a statement reflecting on the confirmed plans, Channel 4 expressed how 'disappointing' it was that the 'announcement has been made without formally recognising the significant public interest concerns which have been raised,' 'with over 60,000 submissions to the Government's public consultation'.

It said: "Channel 4 has engaged in good faith with the Government throughout the consultation process, demonstrating how it can continue to commission much-loved programmes from the independent sector across the UK that represent and celebrate every aspect of British life as well as increase its contribution to society, while maintaining ownership by the public."

Alongside many actors and creatives who have found fame on programmes distributed by the broadcaster, organisations such as non-profit We Own It have also called out the move.

As of this afternoon, 5 April, the petition is only a couple of thousand signatures off of its intended 150,000 target.

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