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Mum leaves people shocked after showing off her 11-year-old daughter's Christmas wish list

Mum leaves people shocked after showing off her 11-year-old daughter's Christmas wish list

While some kids want a toy truck, this girl is demanding one of the most exclusive handbags in the world.

An Australian mum has left social media stunned after she shared her daughter's list for Santa.

While some kids would be happy with a toy truck or maybe the latest video game, Sydney PR queen Roxy Jacenko's girl hopes for something a little more glamorous.

Roxy shared the list to social media to give her followers a sneak peek at Christmas time in her household.

And it is nothing like what most of us are used to, that's for sure.

"I’m so pleased [my daughter] Pixie Curtis has given options for various budgets," Jacenko joked, alongside a facepalm emoji.

The multi-millionaire added: "'Goyard' Bag, also known as Goyer."

Just for the record, Goyer bags are so exclusive they don't even have a retail price.

Each one is custom made in Paris, with the eye-watering cost determined by the specifications chosen by the purchaser.

But you can get one second hand for a cool AUD$9,000 (£5,030), according to designer goods website Farfetch.

Tell you what's far-fetched? Me ever being rich enough to even look at one of those bags, let alone have one.

Clearly, not an issue for Pixie Curtis though.

The 11-year-old's 'cheap' list also features a basic grey tank top from Kim Kardashian's Skims shapewear line for a casual AUD$70 (£39).


She's also keen on swimmers this year, asking for a Sommer Swim bikini in red, which is about around AUD$180 (£100) for the top and bottoms.

Triangl togs made her list too.

This sartorially switched-on kid want the Savoca set, which will set Jacenko back AUD$152 (£85).

Oh, and some Yeezy trainers, because why not.

There is some wiggle room here, with Pixie writing on her list that she will accept 'any' pair.

A pair of Yeezys cost anywhere from $AUD120 (£67) to AUD$2,404 (£1,343).

So, you know, pocket change.

The sort of coins you have rolling around at the bottom of your handbag.

Roxy Jacenko attends the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year 2016 Awards Lunch.
Richard Milnes / Alamy

Some social media users chuckled along with Jacenko about her daughter's precociousness.

Others took the Sydney socialite to task, lambasting the businesswoman for raising a 'spoiled brat'.

One user said: "There is nothing about this to be proud of given she’s 11 years old."

Another added: "Y'all need to work in a homeless shelter for Xmas. Inflation is through the roof, this kid needs to be on one of those parent exchange shows with a real family."

A third said: "Expensive taste that’s for sure!! Like mother, like daughter."

Other parents told Jacenko they had also received lists packed with swimwear, and one woman even revealed her daughter turned her wish list into a rather extensive PowerPoint presentation.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, no one said their kid had asked for a Goyard, which has been called one of the world's most elusive luxury brand.

Looks like Pixie is on her own with that one.

But Roxy has responded to the backlash, telling “Clothes and swimwear. Hardly unreasonable for a tween.

“Ask any parent of a young lady of this age, you’ll find the list is somewhat the same.

“People have too much time on their hands."

Featured Image Credit: roxyjacenko/Instagram.

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