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Mum 'screamed at' for jumping bus queue by walking to the stop before

Mum 'screamed at' for jumping bus queue by walking to the stop before

What would you have done?

A mum has revealed how she was 'screamed at' and accused of jumping the bus queue after she decided to walk to the stop before to make sure there would be room for her to get on.

Taking to a parenting forum, the mum explained she had picked her child up from the minder, and was walking to the bus stop with her pushchair.

When she arrived at the bus stop, she saw two other women waiting - both with buggies. But, knowing they wouldn't all be able to get on, she walked up to the earlier bus stop.

The woman explained she walked to the previous stop.
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"After picking my child up from her child minder today, I arrived the bus stop to find two women with buggies waiting," she explained on Mumsnet.

"Knowing that the driver wouldn’t let three of us on, I walked round the corner to the previous stop and got on there.

"When it arrived at the next stop, sure enough only mum was allowed on - the other was told to wait 30 minutes for the next bus. I was screamed at and called a c**t and a queue jumper by one mum who tried to shove me off the bus.

"I don’t think I did anything wrong, nor did the police when they turned up after being called by the driver.

"What the f**k is wrong with people?"

Mumsnet users were divided.
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Mumsnet users were divided over what had happened, although many agreed the mum had simply done 'the clever thing'.

One wrote: "You were smarter than them. I'd have done the same."

While another said: "I often walk a few mins to an earlier stop if the closest one is crowded. Nothing wrong with that and it's an option open to most people easily enough. But I don't see why you couldn't all have collapsed your pushchairs and all got on."

And a third added: "I'm stuck between thinking that was an incredibly low thing to do and you deserved a few choice words from someone who may have already waited upto half an hour. But then I kind of think I'd have done this if it had ever occurred to me when mine were in pushchairs!!"

There wasn't room for all three to get on the bus.
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Others were less sympathetic, however, with some calling it sneaky.

One person wrote: "Was your pushchair foldable? You acted knowing that you would be taking the place of someone who had been waiting longer than you.

"Technically you didn't break any rules, but you were selfish and sneaky in your actions. If your pushchair was foldable then you could have folded it, put it in the bag bit and held your child."

And another said: "It was clever of you, but ethically dubious considering they were both there before you."

A third added: "That's harsh as f**k OP. I mean yeah you got on but the other mum didn't. I'm pretty sure she wasn't waiting for the bus for a laugh either."

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